Tune In To These Best Places To Visit Around The World For Every Music Lover

Tune In To These Best Places To Visit Around The World For Every Music Lover

Serenading us through life is the symphony of music. With a life of its own, music has birthed different genres, styles, techniques and artists that have revolutionized this artform. Be it grooving to the techno-beats at the nightclub, listening to classical music on elevators, or just fine jazz at a restaurant. Music pervades into many aspects of life. Now, travels intermixed with the beauty of music is definitely unforgettable. We’re sure you have songs that remind you of certain memories, places, and people.  The article lists 10 places to visit that have significance in the realm of music and henceforth, are an ideal place for a musical vacation. If you are a music lover, you are going to love these!


Music is universal and is a binding factor for social connections. We believe that travelling around the world with music becomes very important for nostalgia, especially. But for music lovers, who carry its artform and beauty in every beat of their heart, we offer something better. The birth of music and its genres are associated with several places to visit across the world.

Liverpool, England

best places to visit for every music lover

Owing to the existence and origins of The Beatles, Liverpool in England is often dubbed as the world capital of pop. The birthplace of The Beatles makes it quite an attractive spot for those who’ve grown up listening to the tunes of Hey Jude, Yellow Submarine, Strawberry Fields Forever and more! But Liverpool goes beyond its association with The Beatles to provide a good experience with music. Liverpool conducts various performances by renowned artists and is widely known for its International Music Festival.

Hence, one of the best places to visit! Moreover, Liverpool holds an International Beatleweek which is a hub of The Beatles’ fans and a haven for those who music lover of the pop genre. If you drop by, you can book a Beatles Fab Taxi Tour that’ll take you through the former houses of the singers, Strawberry Fields and Eleanor Rigby’s gravesite – places that have been immortalized by The Beatles. 

Berlin, Germany 

best places to visit for every music lover

Brimming with cultural affluence, Berlin is a site to revel in the wondrous activity of leisure and music. Berlin is the world’s centre for its pulsating house music. Through the years, the locals have turned their attention to an experimental music called Echtzeitmusik. Furthermore, Berlin comes alive in the night to the popular techno beats that reverberate through clubs and houses making it one of the best places to visit.

However, beyond this, Berlin offers amazing restaurants or cafes that cultivate the legacy of rock and roll while providing a good dining experience. If you head down to the White Trash Fast Food, you’ll be pampered with great classic rock and roll music along with a burger joint, tiki shack, and smoking cinema. Moreover, while emulating the styles of great rock bands such as The Strokes and The White Stripes, various genres of music such as punk, garage, and 50s retro are played here. 

Nashville, Tennessee

best places to visit for every music lover

Americans dub Nashville as the “Music City” in the world. And true to its name, it holds various popular live music spots that have drawn popular artists such as Taylor Swift and Reba McEntire to its abode. One of the most significant contributions of Nashville to the music industry is the Grand Ole Opry which is an old country music and variety radio show that still records live. Moreover, Ryman Auditorium is a wonderful spot to witness some good live music.

One of the best places to visit, it holds immense historic value which is quite appealing to many music lovers. An important aspect in music is to provide space for newer artists to emerge which the Bluebird Cafe attempts to do. You can find up-and-coming artists and songwriters perform at the cafe. Furthermore, a number of venues spread across Nashville have been hubs for a thriving rock culture such as The Basement which is located just below Grimey’s New and Preloved Music store.

Boston, Massachusetts

best places to visit for every music lover

Boston harbours a rich and varied music culture that has birthed diverse recording artists that we listen to today such as The Aerosmith, Pixies, The Car, Boston and James Taylor. As a music lover or a student of music, this places to visit holds various opportunities for you to witness the amazing talent of its local bands and even the best of pop culture music.

Summers in Boston witness festivals or outdoor concerts along the Charles River at Hatch Shell. Furthermore, classical music is rooted in Boston’s musical heritage with colleges like Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory cultivating classical music and teachings. Even the Symphony Orchestra hailing from Boston is lauded for its versatile ensembles that embrace traditional and contemporary styles. 

Havana, Cuba

best places to visit for every music lover

Camila Cabello’s song “Havana” has become highly mainstream in pop culture music with the catchy lyrics and tunes being hummed every now and then in a collective. However, the place she sings about has a culture of its own that rings true of the beauty of diverse music. One of the best places to visit for Latin music, Havana is perfect to experience the pre-revolutionary son style music which is a preliminary version of salsa.

Moreover, the city’s streets and bars are serenaded with the tunes of Latin jazz and the beat of Tumba and rumba. Salon Rosado in Mariano is one of the ideal places to witness the magic of these musicians as they induce vivacity into the air through their music. Furthermore, insight Cuba even offers an organized tour called “Jazz in Havana” which helps visitors experience the diverse music of the country through local artists.

Trinidad and Tobago 

Trinidad and Tobago is a tropical paradise and a perfect place to visit for some islandic tunes. Nevertheless, what one fails to know beforehand is that this island is more than just a tropical paradise. It is home to the music of Soca which is an amalgamation of calypso, funk and soul. While various places across the Caribbean have adopted this style of music – its origins lie here. The music developing around the Steelpan drum is credited to Trinidad and Tobago.

Moreover, the island hosts an International Sona Monarch competition where you’ll be able to witness the authentic version of Soca through the performances of the local artists. But one of the most enjoyable events held here is the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. It asks everyone to participate including the tourists making it a beautiful form of cultural interaction. 

Vienna, Austria 


Another title of City of Music existing within the world is attributed to Vienna in Austria. The world owes Vienna for birthing the most historic and yet underrated form of music – the classical. Many of the renowned artists from this genre such as Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Strauss, Mahler, Haydn and Schubert have created music here. One can’t help but view Vienna with the lens of cultivating the greatest classical artists known to man.

Further on, their legacy, while appreciated worldwide, is celebrated with an annual performance season in the cityThe grand Wiener Konzerthaus holds a world-class recital performed by an esteemed orchestra The Vienna Philharmonic – an experience of this event will leave you weak in the knees. 

New Orleans, Louisiana 

best places to visit for every music lover

The dying art of American Jazz is a tragic event indeed and is mourned by the artists that indulge in the genre and those that appreciate its historic beauty. But one of the significant legacies of American Jazz is the city of New Orleans that served as its birthplace. New Orleans is one of the very few places in America where a music lover can witness the utmost priority to the preservation of jazz.

The city’s music scene is honestly incredible. Even a simple act of bar-hopping in the French Quarter will confirm that notion. Moreover, the city of New Orleans even hosts a Jazz Festival and the annual New World Rhythms Festival where you can see the city sway to the beauty of jazz. Even Mardi Gras isn’t exempted from the thriving music scene of New Orleans. 

New York, New York 

The music scene of New York City is difficult to pin down due to its intense diversity and stratification. But in its diversity, is its strength. New York City’s music scene is comforting and accommodative to varied tastes that every music lover finds a home here. It forwards an amazing legacy of music culture making it one of the best places to experience the cultural and social diversity in music.

Furthermore, the city that never sleeps is constantly churning out beautiful forms of music. They play these in the underground clubs, mainstream restaurant and cafe venues and finally, the popular Broadway musical. The city is credited for launching so many artists that the list is almost daunting to go through. Visits to places like the Knitting Factory, Lincoln Center, Beacon Theatre, Music Hall of Williamsburg and more are enough to get a glimpse of the city’s musical heritage. 


Ireland’s Wild West 

best places to visit for every music lover

Ireland has contributed incredibly talented artists to the realm of music. Hozier, Damien Rice, Bono, Van Morrison are all artists that have seeped into the mainstream playlists of the world. While these artists perform genres of folk music, indie music, rock, classical rock and more – another significant genre of music that Ireland births is the traditional Irish tunes. 

Further on, the traditional Irish music is one with the people and is something you’ll witness in their day-to-day life. Get down to the wild and remote west coast of Ireland for a proper immersion. You’ll witness the children learning instruments such as the fiddle, bodhran and uileann pipes. You can spend your days at Irish pubs like Gus O’Conner’s and McDermott’s to drink to the tunes.

However, a visit to Doolin is a must for a music lover. It is a small fishing village known as the “capital of traditional Irish music”. Here, you can enjoy nightly sessions of music during the summers. 

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