Best Places For Swimming With Sharks & Getting The Ultimate Thrill

Best Places For Swimming With Sharks & Getting The Ultimate Thrill

For all you daredevils who seek adventure on next-level, we have something interesting for you to try out. Sharks are one of the deadliest creatures on the planet; so is it possible to swim next to them? Well, the answer is yes. If you get over their gigantic and humongous size and sharp teeth, you will end up with one of the best experiences in life. Swimming with sharks could be one amazing bucket list item for adventurers and we give out all the information to you for planning it well.

If you are wondering where would you get to try out this luxury of thrill then we have the list of the best places to swim with sharks. Swimming next to sharks is an adventure that will get your adrenaline rushing and head wobbly with excitement. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you got chills down your spine.

Top 10 Locations For Swimming With Sharks

Swimming next to sharks is an adventure that will get your adrenaline rushing and head wobbly with excitement. However, we wouldn’t blame you if you get chills down your spine.

Viti Levu, Fiji

Swimming With Sharks

Fiji is a small country of iridescent waters, well known for its picture-perfect honeymoon sceneries. However, it hides shark diving for those who come here to seek an adventure of their lifetime. Head to Beqa Adventure Divers in Viti Levu which is the country’s first Marine Park. They have a Shark Reef Marine Reserve, which is home to various breeds of sharks including Tawny Nurses, Sicklefin Lemons, Grey Reefs and Whitetip Reefs. While you dive down, you will get a chance to watch the local Fijians feed huge bull sharks by hand. This experience will be intimidating and exciting at the same time. Moreover, when you are submerged inside and swimming with sharks, you can also encounter giant groupers, eagle reefs as well as tropical reefs. We have no doubt why the place is named as The Shark Dive as it is indeed one of the best places to swim with sharks.

Best time to go: All year round, but bull-sharks leave for the mating season in November to early January

Cost: Starting at INR 9000

How to do: There are two dives, one a 70 feet for 45 minutes and the other at 6- feet for 50 minutes. In both the dives, the people are assembled in a line to watch experienced- divers feed the mammoth-sized predators. The experience is safe and led out from a boat from where the people are drawn to the waters.

Osprey Reef, Australia

In the north-east of Queensland in Australia, is the Osprey reef which is the most northerly of the beaches in the Coral Sea. It is regarded as the Great Barrier Reef Liveaboard destinations, both for experiencing the enchanting sea life as well as the vast ocean of clear and rippling water. The reef is in pristine condition with spectacular soft corals exceeding heights of 2m. Furthermore, it is home to a variety like Gray Reef sharks, Silvertips, Hammerheads, Dogtooth tuna and Whale sharks. The tropical climate makes it a year-round event, take a liveaboard vessel and do not miss the shark-feeding event at the North-Horn, located at the reef’s northern-most tip.

Best time to go: August to December

Cost: Starting at $1200

How to do: Due to remoteness, Osprey reef restricts entry to Australian liveaboard boats with hefty safety provisions. They take you into the waters with full safety and precision.

Tiger Beach, Bahamas

The Tiger Beach, Bahamas is home to not only tiger sharks but also several other varieties like lemon and Caribbean reef sharks, Nurse sharks, and Hammerheads. The beach gives lots of time and opportunity to explore. Moreover, the dives can get extended due to its shallow surface. Swimmers get to swim overboard these majestic creatures, and intake sights of magnificence. This beach provides heart-racing scenic and photography views for all the people.

The guides take a high speed-boat from the Island to the open seas, and then they present baits in front of these predators to attract them all. Tiger Beach is the apex location for doing cageless diving. In the first dive, experienced divers will be feeding the sharks to attract them to their baits. However, in the second dive, you get to feed the sharks. As dangerous as it sounds, it holds a hidden throbbing thrill.

Best time to go: October to January

Cost: $100- $3600

How to do: Head to an experienced and local dive crew. They can quickly locate the sharks as well as ensure full safety!

Gansbaai, South Africa

Gansbaai in South Africa provides a unique experience of cage diving as well as whale watching views. The Great White Shark Tours offers an experience of a lifetime of being in a cage along with twenty other people to get as close to these deadly creatures. Be sure that this dead sounding excursion has a safety assurance. Moreover, the team of the tours created a personalised experience to allow you more viewing time along with swimming with sharks. You can see Great White Sharks as well as Copper Sharks.

Best time to go: March to September

Cost: Starting at R1800

How to do: The cages give a steel-tubing that will help to enter the cage directly from the boat. Shark cages are attached to the vessels allowing the diving operators to attract sharks by scenting the water with fish blood and chum. Once the sharks are present, you are allowed to enter the cage in small groups, and an instructor stays to observe sharks as they pass the cage.

Isla Mujeres, Mexico

A tropical gem of the Caribbean Sea, Isla Mujeres provides one of the best scuba diving experiences in the world. Having the largest concentration of White Sharks which are known to be the largest breed of the species, you can well expect it to be one of the best places to swim with sharks. However big these White Sharks maybe, they are still vegetarians but do not mistake that for them not attacking you. Swimming in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea along with these sharks is a life-long experience with all images taken in the rippling natural light entering the seas.

Best time to go: June to September

Cost: Starting at $110

How to do: Take a boat from a good company that also has pro underwater photographers. They will accompany you to take photos you need.

Galapagos, Ecuador


The Galapagos Islands are a must on the list of every diver. It is home to a variety of wildlife like tortoises, iguanas, penguins and also marine life including shark species like Hammerheads, whale sharks, manta rays and golden rays. With the varieties present, the place offers a surreal experience when it comes to swimming with sharks. Moreover, it focuses on the conservation of these species and provides people with a calm and breath-taking underwater experience.

Cost inc. flights: 5495 pounds

Best time to visit: January-December

How to do: Take a liveaboard safari that will take you to the remote areas, beyond land-based operations. Enjoy the scenery and dive in the waters at the right time directed!

Guadalupe, Mexico

In the crystal clear waters of Isla Guadalupe in Mexico, aboard a luxury custom-built for the smooth sails in the rough seas. Enjoy three heart-racing days in multiple cages; it’s a unique experience for all the divers and the non-divers. Don’t miss the chance to dive with sharks surrounding a volcanic Island which is within arm’s reach of the animals. The thrill of being surrounded by the deadly island along with these creatures will definitely give you an adrenaline rush!

Best time to visit: July to December

Cost: $1800 to $4404.75.

How to do it: Meet with the Shark team at the Nauvillis Dive Center, San Diego, California around noon, then depart for the Shark Boat at Ensenada; transfer time to the dock is 2 hours. Then after reaching, a safety briefing is done with a shark 101 class and then finally the grand activity is conducted.

Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu in Hawaii provides a cageless experience for the people, which is unique and stays in memories for a lifetime. You get the chance to swim close to the majestic creatures such as Sandbar sharks, Tiger sharks, Dolphins, 400-pound Galapagos sharks, Hammerhead sharks and Whales. Moreover, be free in the vast, deep ocean! You will dive 250 feet deep 3 miles coast of Haleiwa, Hawai on the North Shore of Oahu. The Hawai-Shark encounter is an eco-friendly experience. The guides there educate the guests about the current problems of the ecosystem and how shark executions affect the marine life of fishes and humans.

Best time to visit: November to May (Calm sea)
November to December (For whale sharks)

Cost: Starting at $95

How to do: 6 people are taken on each boat, and then the safety divers help dive into waters with assistance and care.

Playas Del Coco, Costa Rica

With a central location and excellent facilities, Playas Del Coco at Costa Rica centres all diving activities. The volcanic formations such as cavern, arches and tunnels define the underwater experience. One can see reef sharks, Pilot whales, manta ray, whitetip reef shark, green turtle, sea horse and whale shark. The variety of species available makes it one of the best places to swim with sharks! The out worldly experience of being under the sea close to the varieties of sea creatures give you an insight into the marine ecosystem that you might never have seen.

Best time to visit: May to November (Rainy season)
December to April ( Dry season)

Cost: Starting at $150.

How to do: The beginners can find immediate divers near the shores to lead them to this activity while the Advanced divers shall go to the Catalina Islands and Bat Islands.

Bodufulhudoo, Maldives

Plan in the Maldives for shark diving cannot be complete without Atoll Scuba. It is incredible for all the divers at various levels! Swimming with sharks will not be a terrifying event; rather a memory you will cherish forever. One can find spotted leopard sharks, blacktip reef sharks, hammerhead sharks and also the majestic whale sharks. To add on, Depending on the water current, you can navigate the entire area in 1 dive! It’s the perfect way to be amazed by the vibrant coral reefs. Not only it makes Bodufulhudoo one of the most beautiful but also one of the best places to swim with sharks.

Best time to visit: January to march (Calmest season)

Cost: INR 11,000 – 24,000.

How to do: Take a shark safari or a private excursion. The experienced divers will take you to the remote sites, where you can snorkel or scuba dive company in the company of whale sharks.

If you had scuba diving in your bucket list, it is time to take a notch ahead with diving with sharks. The thrill and excitement, along with the chills it gives, will fill you with a sense of accomplishment like never before.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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