Best Makeup Hacks That Will Change Every Girl’s (Or Makeup Lover’s) Idea Of Beauty

Best Makeup Hacks That Will Change Every Girl’s (Or Makeup Lover’s) Idea Of Beauty

Not every one of us can afford to get skin treatments and customised cosmetics for ourselves. However, every one of us loves to give that lift and wake up call to our face. We call that makeup. Especially we girls (and some guys) understand that makeup isn’t just about throwing in colours and caking our face. It is much more than that. Some people consider it an art while some others may consider is that boost of confidence to look at ourselves in the mirror. Moreover, everyone loves to have a spotlight on them and put on a glam look. Even though you are stuck at home and there is no need for make-up, the social media life never really comes to a halt. Plus, you would still want to look your very best while you head out after the long months of lockdown. Either or, these makeup hacks are beauty tactics that will save your pockets and make your face ever glowing.

Best Beauty Tips To Get Your Ready And Shining In No Time

We see no need to spend a hefty amount on a variety of cosmetic products. Let’s face it makeup is expensive. You can always reuse various cosmetics time for the use of one. Moreover, if you are a regular makeup user, we’d suggest following a good skincare routine to have naturally glowing face.

Mix Equal Quantity Of Moisturiser And Foundation

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

Makeup is not complete without a base and foundation is one step that you don’t miss out on when going for that full look. However, foundation can make your face look cakey and powdery. A matte or shiny, a look is not a whole when your skin doesn’t pop out. One such makeup hack we have to give that dewy look is mixing foundation with your face moisturiser. Moreover, it nourishes your skin too. Make sure to mix an equal amount of each. You can also use facial oils to mix instead.

Make Your Lipstick Matte With Tissue And Powder

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

A right shade of lipstick is a blessing and no two shades are the same unless you buy the same number of the same brand. Different styles of lipstick click with different look and you can’t head out to buy a lipstick each time. Hence, this beauty hack can make any lipstick matte for the long run and keep it going for long. All you have to do is take a blotting or tissue paper. Cover is with a bit of compact or talcum powder and pat it on your lips. You are set to head out!

Another beauty tip we have is to help your teeth not be a victim of lipstick stain. Put your index your inside your mouth with pursed lips and take it out. This will make the extra lipstick to come out instead of getting on your teeth.

Use Only Highlighter To Sharpen Features

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

Face liting is an expensive way to have sharper features. After all, we are not all Kardashians. But, Kardashians have given us the glory of contouring that can change our facial features however we like it. Although when you are headed out in a hurry, you don’t have the time of an hour or more in your hand to do full-fledged contouring. So we have an easier way for you. Use just a highlighter to shine up your features. Furthermore, make sure to highlight the major parts like cheekbones, bridge of the nose, chin and the cupid’s bow. Brush it out to give a subtle lift to your face. This makeup hack will just take five minutes to give you a simple contoured face.

Check MakeUp Under Different Lights

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

While many makeup channels would tell you to use a close-up mirror and brighter light to do your make-up. Every colour looks different under different lights. Besides, not everyone can spend on a facial spotlight. The easier way to check if you have the base colours and blending correct, check it under the lights of your washroom, room light and car. Further on, this beauty tip will help you give your face a last touch up. You can also go to the washroom of the place you are headed to for a touch-up.

Apply Undereye Concealer In A Triangle shape

Concealer is a magical blend that can give the illusion of energised look. You can easily get rid of puffy eyes, bags and dark circles with an undereye concealer. You can’t cover it up with a semi-circle covering your bags, that will protrude your undereye even more. Instead, try making an inverted triangle under your eyes. Further on, extend till near your cheekbones and blend it with a sponge. This makeup hack also gives your cheeks a bit of a lift.

Make Your Eyes Wider With Mascara

Mascara is a necessity when completing the eye look. Giving you fuller lashes, it widens your eyes making you look more awake. Moreover, how else will you get the attention to your glamourous and creative eyeshadows? Not all of are a fan of fake lashes and they are a task to put. Yet again mascara is easy to smudge and ruin everything. We suggest applying your mascara towards your nose and giving it a curl upwards. This makeup hack will help your eyes look fuller and not stick your lashes.

Use Vaseline As A Make-Up Remover

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

We always love a natural glow on the face and we do love a good use of vaseline as a moisturiser. Vaseline is a multipurpose product which is light on pockets. Furthermore, with minimal use, you can use it to tame eyebrows, dehydrate and as a makeup remover! This makeup hack calls for application of a dots of the petroleum jelly on your caked face and eyes and wipe it off with a tissue. it also hydrates your skin afterwards.

Shape Your Lips For A Cupid’s Bow

Best Makeup Hacks For Every Beauty Lover

Boosting the colour and longevity of your lips, lip liners are shadow kings of lips. It works as the perfect primer for your lips before applying lipsticks. Moreover, you can easily shape your lips with it instead of a lipstick which tends to bleed. This makeup hack calls for the use of a lip liner to give shape to your cupid’s bow. Draw a cross on your cupid’s bow, trace the corners of your lips and connect the lines to outline your lips. Fill in the rest with your favourite lipstick. There you go, your lips will look fuller and have a natural pout.

We also suggest investing in a clear lip liner which can be used with any lipstick.

There are various makeup hacks and beauty tips to help you get your favourite look easily. However, we advise you to remember to remove your makeup at the end of the day. Give your skin the required nutrients as well.

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