Best International Borders To Visit In India This Republic Day

Best International Borders To Visit In India This Republic Day

As of 2020, India celebrates 70 years of the formation of its constitution and the day India became an independent republic. With patriotism rushing through the hearts of all its citizens, it is the perfect day to celebrate the relationship that India shares with its neighbouring countries. Some with shared histories and some with a bonded trade connection, celebrate this republic day by visiting the best International borders of India.

Best International Borders Of India To Visit

The years of building the relationship, you can see the grace of the military across the borders. Moreover, each of the bordering towns and villages boasts of majestic and peaceful natural beauty. Most of them are a free getaway for trade across countries.

Nathu La Pass, Sikkim

(Indo-China border)

International Borders To Visit In India

The white blanketed region of Nathu La Pass is located 54 km away from Gangtok in Sikkim. The point serves as a major trading point between India and China through Tibet and is one of the most beautiful international borders of India. Apart from soldiers lining along the border and guarding it, the place boasts of sinful natural beautiful. Snow-clad mountains cover the areas around the pass and temperature can drop to as low as -25 degrees. However, a visit to the pass in the summertime is an absolute delight.
Furthermore, there are steep steps that lead to the wired point of the International Indian Border. The view is sure to make you realise that it is a stairway to heaven. The pristine Tsomgo Lake is a cherry on top. Don’t forget to take a yak ride when you are there!

Wagah border, Punjab

(Indo-Pak border)

International Borders To Visit In India

The grace in the military ceremonies cannot be grander than you what you see in Wagah border in Amritsar, Punjab. The border serves as the international border between India and Pakistan. We wouldn’t shy away to say that it is one of the competitive borders in the country. However, the military ceremonies with soldiers dressed as royal knights, drum beatings and the formal exchange of salutations from both the sides is a treat to watch.
You will get a strange thrill watching the show unfold. This Indian border comes with its own controversial yet shared history and is one of the best international borders to visit in India.

Longewala Border, Rajasthan

(Indo-Pak Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

The never-ending surreal desert of Rajasthan is one of the natural wonders that India takes pride in. The Longewala Border divides the land between India and Pakistan through Jaisalmer. Apart from the scenic beauty of the golden shimmering desert, the border is famous for the Tanot Mata Temple. The temple is celebrated both by the locals and the Indian Military due to miraculous legends that surround it.
Furthermore, you can camp nearby with the locals and experience the wilderness of Rajasthan. You can even stay a night at the Tanot Mata Trust which is usually used by the BSF.

Moreh, Manipal

(Indo-Burmese Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

Forming the pact of friendship stands the gate of friendship bordering India and Myanmar at Moreh in Manipal. The little village of Moreh is surrounded by misty lush green ranges that will give you the much-needed breath of life. This lesser-known Indian international border is the peace that you seek among two countries.
Furthermore, you can visit the land bridge that connects the country to Myanmar. The little town of Moreh also serves as a significant bazaar along the border and bustling trading activities. While you are there between the beautiful hills, don’t forget to get a taste of fried shrimps and lai pat, which are some of the local specialities.

Dharchula, Uttarakhand

(Indo-Nepal Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

Separating India from its neighbouring country of Nepal is the quaint, scenic town of Dharchula. The river that flows through the Indian border acts as a natural border between the two countries. However, it is the paradisical beauty of the town which will entice you. With the great Himalayan ranges surrounding the town, you can see the snow-blanketed Om Parvat from a distance. Om Parvat, also known as, Adi Kailash, is a holy pilgrimage spot for the devotees of God Shiva while the road to it is enough the take your breath away with its rugged terrain and crystal clear lakes.
The town also features Jauljibi which hosts the confluence of Goli and kali river. Along the border, you can also find a few shops selling glittering trinkets and perfumes. The peaceful border allows people from both sides to cross freely. Serving as one of the most picturesque international borders to visit in India, Dharchula is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Dawki, Meghalaya

(Indo-Bangladesh Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

Dawki in Meghalaya serves as the international border dividing India and Bangladesh. The drenched town is filled with dense, lush forests wherever your eyes wander. The most famous part is the Umgaot or the Dawki River, which features emerald green waters. The water is so clear that you can see the sunlight reflected from within.
Moreover, the place serves as an exotic spot for taking a boat tour. The boat ride takes you through the waters with a misty breeze blowing across your face and plush greenery lining the banks. You can even camp along the banks of the river! Jaflong Zeo point should be next on your list of places to visit in Dawki. The Zero Point serves as the important border between the two countries. You can even see people and soldiers on the other side of the border. Furthermore, the natural stone accumulations in the Zero Point as a wonder to behold.

Bumla Pass, Arunachal Pradesh

(Indo-China Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

Once you have obtained a permit from the Indian Military, you can head to Bumla Pass in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh. This international border is a treacherous trek to accomplish; however, once you have reached the point to view the countries, you are in for a snowy romance. When you head there in the summertime with clear skies, the magnificence of the snow-clad ranges in the backdrop is alluring. Did you know that this is the place where the majority of the Indo-Sino war took place? The pass holds great importance to the history of both India and China. While you are there, trace the route that Dalai Lama took to escape from China to enter India and visit the glassy waters of Sangestar Tso lake.
Add a pebble to the heap of stones which serves as a tribute to the Indian army. One look at the Indo-China Border personnel meeting point and you will be filled with pride. We guess that would be enough to claim this as one of the best international borders to visit in India.

Jaigaon, West Bengal

(Indo-Bhutan Border)

International Borders To Visit In India

Standing proud on the border of Bhutan is the town of Jaigoan in West Bengal. The Bhutan gate separates the two countries. The magnificence of the intricately made gate makes it a sight for sore eyes. The village of Jaigaon offers immense natural beauties. The verdant valleys of the low laying base of Himalayas are perfect for a peaceful retreat. Combined with the serenity of the Torsa River streaming at the lower end of the town, the experience is complete.
Furthermore, complementing the natural beauty are the tea gardens which line the edges of town, a retreat to Jaigaon get out of the hustle of a city. No wonder, it makes it to one of the must-visit international borders to visit in India.

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