Best Hollywood Movie To Inspire Your Bucket List

Best Hollywood Movie To Inspire Your Bucket List

Movies are dreams at times. They inspire you for everything and these influencing movies become a part of your everyday life. Hollywood has been making a lot of good films, and they have been inspiring in a lot of ways. One gets a boost from watching motivational movies, and one of those movies is Inside Out. Inside Out is a movie that has inspired many people worldwide. Here is why Inside Out is always going to top the list of the best Hollywood movies to inspire your bucket list.

It’s an American animated Hollywood movie that has inspired people in many ways. The movie teaches you how your emotions control your personality and how you should never let the sadness or anger compete with your joy and happiness side. For somebody who is an emotional and sensitive person, this movie should be on the bucket list. The thing that tops is being joyful and being adaptive to change. People love to travel the world, and so change going to be a constant partner and being adaptive to new situations are what I have to learn.

In this movie, Inside Out, the main character, Riley, has to move to San Francisco, a new place, from Minnesota, her birthplace, due to her father’s job transfer. In the first few days of moving into the new city, things were not going well. Everything was sad and not working according to the plan. So sadness had taken all over Riley’s life. Now in this scenario, joy was the only one who could protect Riley’s mind from not being happy. This is a very motivating scene as there is no-one else in this whole wide world except you who can control your emotions. Being sad is okay, but in the long term, it does affect your health and life in a way that you are not able to cope with anywhere.

So the sadness is in your control, and hence you should start thinking and remembering all the happy moments that you have lived and shared with your loved ones instead of thinking about what did not go well.
In this plot, when Joy tries to dispose of Riley’s Sad memory, she accidentally deactivates joy and sad memories and only Anger, Fear and Disgust are left in control of everything. Now, these are some venting emotions of a soul, but we do not understand when to give them power and when not. This does affect our personalities, and somehow due to these negative emotions, we do become distant with our closed ones or end up hurting them.

This movie made me question myself as to how and why we put out our anger on the people who are close to us. This is in built-in human nature since one does not know when. We all know deep down that, in the end, the people who are close to us are the only ones who end up comforting us. And so we should never hurt them no matter what.

During the main events of this movie, Sadness and Joy somehow manage to get all the controls back and activates all the elements of Riley’s personality. So, in the end, she goes and cries in front of her parents. Moreover, she confesses that she misses Minnesota, and so do her parents. Through all the roller coaster ride of emotions that Riley goes through, she learns to accept change and her new life in Minnesota. This is what life is right? We are so
scared to accept the change that we end up getting frustrated and forget the beauty of new things in life. One should never become comfortable enough to let go what this movie teaches. In the end, Riley does make new friends and starts getting comfortable in San Francisco, thus accepting the change. We all should do the same.

Overall this movie has taught a lot of life lessons that would be needed to begin on any travel venture. For one to get out of the comfort zone, one could be scared and terrified to get out of the comfort zone. But at the same time, one can get really excited to meet new people, learn new things and go through all new experiences. Furthermore, One can also deeply get inspired by this movie as it teaches you how to face new challenges, which is very important for all of us. Keeping our emotional state stable all the time is very difficult, and it doesn’t always work out that way which is so smart. All the situational circumstances that happen to explain this emotional state is fascinating in this movie. And hence this movie comes in one of the most inspiring Hollywood movie bucket lists.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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