Best Helicopter Rides in India Available At Scenic Destinations

Best Helicopter Rides in India Available At Scenic Destinations

A blue blood traveller or not, the very thought of boarding a helicopter is in itself thrilling. Talking of helicopter rides; imagine the marvellous views one gets while flying in a helicopter and that too over beautiful destinations. A helicopter ride is one of the most exciting things to do for a traveller with a decent budget as they get to view a place from bird’s eye and cover more in lesser time. Keeping up with the activity, we have churned out the best helicopter rides in India available at beautiful and utterly scenic locations in India.

Best Helicopter Rides in India

This adventure activity deserves to be one of your topmost priorities to tick off from your bucket list. Are you a thrill-seeker? Then, let us get some fantastic Bucket List ideas with the best helicopter rides in India:

Mewar Helicopter Services of Udaipur

One of the exquisite helicopter rides in India, Udaipur caters to the souls hungry for the astounding eye-soothing top view of this region on the planet. The Aravalli hill range surrounded by azure lakes combined with pleasing moderate temperatures hugging the air makes it to the top of the list.

The mighty palaces add up to the grandeur of the experience. This service is provided by the Mewar Helicopter Services or the MHS rides. There is a small list of services that this organization provides-

  • Air Adventure Tour
  • Scenic Aravalli Tour
  • Udaipur Lake Tour
  • Scenic Udaipur Tour
  • Premium Rides
  • Outdoor Package
  • Wedding Package

The starting range of the packages is from Rs. 2000 and one ride takes anywhere between 3 to 30 minutes according to your selected package. The Helipad base of Udaipur is the boarding point of this ride.

Heli Tours India of Vishakhapatnam

A city that hoists hills and sea with substantial ports, definitely promises one of the best helicopters rides experiences. The more attractive it gets when you are given to choose from a fleet of different range of helicopters.

The Vishakhapatnam Helicopter Charter Services provides for the helicopters, and the Heli Tours India operates the tours. The ride offers the view over the Kailasagiri, which is a short trip, the longest being the ride to the breathtaking Araku Valley.

It covers the Rushikonda, Ramanaidu Studios, Simhachalam, Kambalakonda, and the RK beach. The starting range of the packages is from Rs. 2500 and the helicopter ride takes anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes according to your selected package. VUDA Park is the boarding point of this ride.

Pawan Hans of Goa

The sight of extensive beaches lining the vast, vivid oceans, offer you one of the best Heli ride experiences, an experience of a lifetime. Goa has the most popular beaches in the country and caters to one of the top-notch helicopter services.

With long golden sandy beaches and natural flora and fauna, the bird’s eye view is something to relish on. The ethereal view of the city offers you with many exquisites. The view of the forts, the old lanes, the churches, the temples with the combination of the other natural factors is just a marvellous aerial view.

The cost of the ride is negotiable as the time duration is also varied. The Park Hyatt Helipad is the boarding point of this ride.

Sikkim Tourism

Best Helicopter Rides in India

The unravelled northeast, Sikkim, with the exotic presence of the mighty Everest range, provides for one of the best world-class aerial views. The snow-clad top view of the hill range is bound to mesmerize you with absolute awe.

Most of this hilly terrain remains untouched due to the extreme conditions, and also a road cannot be practically constructed throughout. A helicopter is a feasible option for the non-mountaineers, and also the aerial view feels like heaven underneath. Sikkim Tourism’s Heli service operates the rides and is considered as one of the best adventure activities in India. There is a list of packages that this service offers:

  • Joy Ride Gangtok Aerial View,
  • Kanchendzonga Mountain Flight Chartered,
  • Pilgrimage Flights,
  • The Tsomgo Aerial Flight.
  • The starting range of the packages is from Rs. 1200 per minute and the ride takes about 15 mins according to your selected package. The Gangtok Helipad is the boarding point of this ride.

Heritage on Air of Jaipur

Jaipur, the bewitching ‘pink city,’ with all its royalty and grandeur, offers a marvellous aerial view. The magnificent palaces, roads, parks, market places, and temples of this city are something to look forward to from a helicopter soaring high above.

The Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar are among the prominent historical structures for the air view. The Heritage On Air is the service provider for helicopter rides of this city and offers several customs made packages altered according to your requirements. Group tours are also arranged by this organization, prioritizing safety and comfort. The cost of the service is on request, and the ride takes about 5 to 30 mins according to your customization. The Shiv Vilas Resort, Delhi-Jaipur Highway, is the boarding point of this ride.

Pawan Hans Delhi

How can we not list down the capital city of India when we are talking of the marvellous aerial views? Delhi, with all its grandeur and historic structures, is a treat to the eyes. Helicopters hovering over the cities are already an exciting thing to watch from the ground. Think of the view from the other way round.

The Government of India affiliated helicopter service providers, Pawan Hans, caters to this service on Delhi and hoists over 50 helicopters. They are the most prominent among the chopper operators across the nation. The Majnu Ka Tila, Red Fort, Rajghat, Akshardham Temple, Pitampura Tower, and other structures are enough for taking away your breath. The ride over the city is conducted under the name of ‘Dilli Darshan.’

The cost of the service is Rs. 4,999 per person and the ride takes about 20 mins to cover the city. The Rohini Heliport is the boarding point of this ride.

Do Dham Yatra of Dehradun

If you are looking forward to some solace on a pilgrimage, the helicopter ride covering the holy Hindu shrines of Kedarnath and Badrinath of Uttarakhand will call you. The Do Dham Yatra ride starts from Dehradun at 7 am. It takes you to the holy temples of the two shrines. After you are done with your spiritual visits, it brings you back to the Dehradun.

It is a one day tour, and the cost of the trip is one request. The boarding point of this ride is Shahastradhara heliport in Dehradun.

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