Reach Friendship Goals With These Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

Reach Friendship Goals With These Best Friends Bucket List Ideas

Besties almost do everything together, but what are the things you do that make your bond stronger? Well, the reasons that make your bond stronger are hidden in all the things you do together. So you need to be sure that you choose to do those things with your best friend that makes your bond deeper and stronger till the end of time. Best friends bucket list ideas help make the bond stronger. 

20 Best Friend Bucket List Ideas For Forever Bonding

There are several things you can do with your best friend to live your best life and create memorable moments. In case you are confused about what to do to live the best adventurous life with your best friend, we have prepared a list of best friend bucket list ideas that will lead your friendship to unforgettable experiences. Trust us! This best friend bucket list is full of exciting ideas that you cannot choose to do without your best friend.

Plan A Spa Together

What could be better than relaxing in a spa? And when you do it with your best friend, it all seems even more relaxing. We are sure you guys carry the burden of the world on your shoulders, and you and your best friend deserve to be pampered. So, book yourselves a spa appointment to unwind and get rejuvenated as you walk out of the spa beaming. Let yourselves indulge in massages, seaweed wraps, facials, hot tub, manicures and much more as you walk out together with that friendship glow. 

Go Shopping Together

There’s no bigger sin to commit than not being a shopping partner to your best friend. It’s a no-excuse bucket list idea and this where your bond will be tested. Pick a bright day to go out for shopping and help each other in selecting the best items for each other. Be a true friend and help your bestie to invest her money in only necessary things. Going out for shopping will also be a perfect bucket list idea to have a day out planned together. Eat at your favourite place or buy each other something nice. Shopping online is another blissful solution to your busy itinerary. In case you are running little too busy to go out for shopping, exchange your thoughts over cellphones and help your best friend fulfil her wishlist. 

Set Each Other For Blind Date

No one knows your best friend as you do. That also means that her taste in dating could only be deciphered by you. So take heart in arranging a blind date for your best friend and send her on an unexpected adventure. You never know your efforts could help your bestie meet their soulmate and give you a promotion from best friend to her maid of honour. A bucket list idea which will definitely help you reach your friendship goals. 

Binge Watch Your Favourite TV Shows

Undeniably Netflix has been bliss for all the boring days that you don’t wish to face alone without your best friend. So pick a TV show you’ve been planning to watch from a very long time and serve it with the justice of friendship. Binge-watch all the thriller series together and turn this into a tradition where you don’t watch another episode without each other. This binge-watch idea is worth keeping on your friendship goals bucket list.

Share Your Secrets

True friendship is always a secured space where you can spill all your secrets to your best friend because it is based on faith and trust. So go ahead and give each other a real talk time where you share your deepest secrets and stand by each other in the best way possible. There is no better feeling in the world than to share a secret with your best friend that has been bothering you for a long time. You can choose this bucket list idea to prove that you and your bestie are not just fair-weather best friends. 

Go On A Vacation 

A vacay with your best friend has always been one of the classic bucket list ideas to reach your friendship goals. So take out your long list of places you’ve been dreaming of spending a vacay with your best friend and head out on an adventurous journey together. Be it the spellbinding Rome or amusing Costa Rica, wherever you go, make sure that you have your best friend seated right next to you on that aeroplane as your travel buddy.

Create A Friendship Time Capsule

You and your best friend are always on an adventure, doing something thrilling and creating memories at every step. All these memories deserve to be restored a precious time capsule. So take a box and start something important to both of you. A pair of earrings which you both have worn multiple times, cute photographs, or concert tickets; take a box and seal these memorable things inside it and burry it in a place which you both will remember. Promise yourselves that no matter what, you will meet in future at a particular date open the box together.

Host A Party Together

Best friends who party together stays together. When you understand each other’s taste, then you tend to have a better understanding of what you and your best friend wants. Hosting a party together is one of the exciting things that you can do with your bestie to be known as the match made in heaven. So let all your crazy ideas roll out of minds and let your other friends also witness how magnetic and unbreakable your bond is with your best friend. 

Have a sleepover

Sleepovers are always a fun idea. It’s that one timeless idea that always brings out the magic of an unbreakable bond of friendship. Form watching late night movies or TV shows with popcorns to prank calling your exes, this plan will never disappoint you when you are looking forward to having fun with your best friend. Get into your favourite pyjamas and do all that you want to relive the old days from 8th grade.  

Plan A Makeover

For you, your best friend is the perfect human on this planet, and we understand you wouldn’t wanna change anything about them. But who doesn’t like makeovers? So choose a unique look for your best friend that makes her look sassier than ever and convince her that she can pull off any look with confidence. Give her the all prep talk she needs to help her own the look and be confident in herself. 

Get Matching Tattoos

Getting inked together with the same tattoos would be like taking your friendship to the next level. This is something big to add in your friendship bucket list. Get a tattoo of something that holds a deep meaning for both of you that will keep reminding you and your best how much you mean to each other, and your bond only gets stronger every day.

Take A Night out Together

The list for best friend bucket list ideas is not an official one if we don’t include this one on it. Spoil yourselves as you grab this opportunity of freedom and go out for fancy dinner, drink crafty cocktails, flirt, dance like there’s no tomorrow. In short, take “girls just wanna have fun!” seriously.

Adopt A Pet Together

You almost have become the “adopted child” of your best friend’s family, and if we are honest, you see your best friend as your family. Having said that, we suggest its time you guys decide to take a step further and adopt a pet of your choice together to complete this charming family. As you share the same passion and love in taking care of your pet, you will also see each other turning into a better person. Have weekly shifts assigned to each other to take care of your furry friend as you take a new step in your relationship doing something good together. 

Sing A Karaoke Duet

Remember your best friend singing Beyonce’s Baby Boy or Rihanna’s Umbrella while taking a shower? Well, this is perfect best friend bucket list idea to bring out that hidden talent of your best friend on a stage and let her know how amazing she sounds. If you’re not sure about her tunes, we suggest you be there on stage to back her as she sings Beyonce’s Say My Name. 

Buy Each Other Cocktails

This best friend bucket list ideas is always a good idea to celebrate your bestie as well as your friendship. Nothing can be better than having a sound conversation with your best friend as you sip in some crafty cocktails and spill some tittle-tattle.

Go On A Road Trip Together

If you think that you and your best friend have the best travel playlist that is too good to be only heard alone with your bestie than we suggest, you hop in a car and play it out loud on a road trip. Drive across the country and make some unforgettable memories with your bestie as you head out on an adventurous road trip.

Become Her Maid Of Honor 

No other day is more important than your best friend’s wedding day, and as a bestie, when you have stood by her through all the ups and downs, you must also stand by her side as she says ” I do!” Serve as the best maid of honour and be there to support her, make sure everything is arranged for her from her dress to makeup is top-notch. Talk her through when she gets nervous and do small things to keep her happy and help her have this day of her life enjoyed to its fullest. 

Do An Extreme Sport Together

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This list of best friend bucket list ideas would be incomplete without suggesting the BFF duo to try their hands on an extreme sport together. Pick an extreme sport like bungee jumping or skydiving, and just decide to do it together. Pick an extreme sport which you both have not tried yet and go hand in hand to discover a thrilling experience.

Cook Together

How often do you cook and have fun while doing it? Whatever you do, when you do it with your best friend, it is assured that you will have fun. So pick this best friend bucket list idea and take out the long list of different cuisines you wanted to taste together. Invite your best friend over to your place, take out a bottle of fine bubbly and cook some mouth-watering dishes as you show off your cooking skills to each other. 

Cry It Out 

From losing loved ones to ugly breakups, friendship is not always about vanilla and marshmallow moments. Your bond will also have to face hard times, and you need to be prepared with your presence to play a vital role in all these moments. Always remember to be grateful for having each other in your lives and pledge to support each other in hard times. Whenever you are going through a rough patch in your life, seek solace in your best friend’s company and cry it all out. 

From going to a spa to crying out together, We wish your friendship grows stronger as you overcome every phase of your lives hand in hand with your bestie. Let us know which best friends bucket list idea you think will help you fulfil your friendship goals.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!


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