Here Is A Lazy Person’s Guide To Get Fit With These Fitness Hacks

Here Is A Lazy Person’s Guide To Get Fit With These Fitness Hacks

Let’s face it, lockdown or not, working out is not everyone’s cup of tea. Not only do you need the zeal to do that, it takes much more effort to get your hands and legs to work. Besides, the pain of the muscles afterwards might not seem worth it. Moreover, a day of Netflix and snacking may seem much more fruitful than weeks and months of pain to get a toned body. While all of us have it in mind that we need to look aesthetic, our laziness always makes us contemplate it. But, work out is not all about aesthetic it is about being healthy as well. We have rounded up some fitness hacks and tips to help you out.

Easy Fitness Hacks For Every Lazy Soul

These hacks her just a way to make your everyday life a little more fruitful on its way to be fit. You need to find your own motivation to workout and choose the one that suits you the best. Moreover, keeping a healthy and balanced diet is the most important to keep your body going. So do your body a favour by eating right, keeping happy and being active.

Stretch In The Morning

Best Fitness Hacks For Every Lazy Person

Early morning stretch is the key to relax your muscles. After a long night of sleep, your muscles need to warm up before heading about their daily task. Work out or not, this fitness hack will actually get you motivated to start a new day. Take this step as a wake-up call to yourself and your muscles. Furthermore, if you can do a few stretches, going a little further to practise yoga or your daily workout can’t be that hard.

Do House Chores

Best Fitness Hacks For Every Lazy Person

If squats and pilates seems like a hard way to get there, you can take the time to clean up your house. A bit of brooming, mopping and cleaning is a great workout for your muscles. As they say, the more you sweat the more satisfactory it is. Besides, this is a perfect fitness hack to keep you fit and your mother happy.

Dance At Your Will

Best Fitness Hacks For Every Lazy Person

Anybody can dance! When talking about workout, why do we forget about dancing? Zumba, aerobics or even freestyle of dance, there are several ways to get your hands, feet and hips to get moving. Moreover, you need not have a specific time and routine to get this workout. Dancing is a way to keep your happy hormones rushing. This fitness hack will de-stress your mind and get your blood rushing. A happy mind leads to a happy body! All you have got to do is put your favourite tune on and dance to the beat.

P.S: Monica and Ross’ dance routine is a pretty good workout that will unknot your muscles!

Stand And Walk More

While plants and squats may not be your thing but getting your basic leg muscles to work is one tip to keep fit. Joint pains and more comes when your muscles don’t do the task they are supposed to do. In this lockdown, it might seem more of a task to stand up but make time to walk around in your garden and terrace. This will give you fresh air too. Further on, stand at least once in 1 hour. It will stretch out your waist and hips too. Walking makes a difference to your health, fitness and happiness.

Listen To Music While Doing Cardio

Cardio is a must when you are looking at work out routines. It is said that a good cardio routine will get your blood flowing and detox your body. Moreover, it lessens the chances of heart attacks and works on strengthening your core. We understand that doing cardio in itself doesn’t sound very exciting. Hence, try this fitness hack to get your at least 20 minutes of cardio workout! Listening to upbeat music will help you out. The faster the music, the faster is your movement.

Do you now understand why gym freaks usually have earphones plugged in most of the time?

Switch Off Your Devices

Best Fitness Hacks For Every Lazy Person

A healthy mind is a healthy body. The motivation to get up and start the day comes when your body gets its required amount of rest. Hence, give your eyes a rest from your TV, laptop and phones. Instagram can wait for later! Take a walk outside, breath and de-strain your eyes. Further on, the easiest hack here is to follow your biological cycle of sleep. Get your beauty sleep of 7-8 hours! You will notice the freshness the next morning.

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