Here Are Some Of The Best Cartoons That Made Our Childhood Worth It

Here Are Some Of The Best Cartoons That Made Our Childhood Worth It

Most of us perhaps thought that it would be a treat to stay inside all day in a lockdown. However, wit is not as relaxing as we thought to work from home. Most of the day we end up procrastinating it as well as every other activity we would do on a normal day. There sure are plenty of things to do and skills to learn. However, isn’t it more fun to just laze around? Somewhere it feels like a summer vacation we would get when we were kids. Ah summer! The best time to be a kid. It were those good times when we would switch on the TV at any time of the day and binge-watch the best of cartoons. Moreover, with the deliciousness of mom’s sliced mangoes and sneaky cold delights from the fridge, it was a paradise.

Popular Cartoons To Take You Down The Nostalgic Lane

Pandemic or not, a kid will always remain a kid. The world could be going through a huge pandemic with thousands of people falling ill(that exaggeration came true) but kid-you couldn’t peel your eyes off from Ed’s or Tom’s shenanigans. Furthermore, school days became so much more bearable because these toons to helped us get through everything with a laugh. Perhaps that’s the positivity we need, a smile or two to get through this.

Tom And Jerry

Best Cartoons of our childhood

An all-time classic, Tom and Jerry! Who can forget this cat and mouse duo who ran around the house and towns but got us glued to our seat instead? At one point of time, all of us have felt little bad about Jerry outsmarting Tom all the time. Yet, we watched on hoping one day Tom would catch him. Moreover, it was not just Tom and Jerry but Quacker, the duckling, Spike the dog with his pup and Butch, the black cat were all a memorable part of our childhood. Created as short clips in the 1940, Tom and Jerry hit the TV in 1965. It has been one of the best cartoons from MGM Productions and Cartoon Network blessed us with it.

Looney Tunes

Best Cartoons of our childhood

The lesser-known fact about the Looney tunes is that it also started as short clips presented to the public in 1930. It is the American counterpart of Tom and Jerry. Further on, it hit the TV in colour in 1969. Created by Harman-Isling production, it was taken over by Warner Bros. In 1944 and retains its production house since. Looney Tunes combined some of the most memorable cartoon characters with their episodes. The witty Bugs Bunny, the annoyed Daffy Duck, the chasing game of Roadrunner and the Coyote and much more, they became household names for every child. It is one of the best cartoons ever made!

X-Men( Evolution and Wolverine and the X-men)

Best Cartoons of our childhood

When talking about cartoons, how can we forget how Marvel entered our lives? Way before we knew Hugh Jackman as our Wolverine, our TVs were blessed with the animated version him in the X-Men series of 1992. Both the renditions of X-men had a huge impact on us. Moreover, we either tried to use sticks/knives to make the Titanium claws like Wolverine or teleport like Nightcrawler. With Professor X leading his band of mutants, they could not have crossed paths with better villains.
Besides, we still feel bad about Jean not choosing Wolverine.

Justice league

Best Cartoons of our childhood

One of the earliest superhero powers that we imagined came from the DC comics. While you may or may not have read the comics, at one point of time one of us watched Justice League on cartoon network. As it hit Cartoon Network in 2001, it became one of the best cartoons to introduce us to superheroes and about the grey of life. There was no main protagonist! It was all these cool superheroes like Flash, Batman, Superman, Green-lantern, Wonder woman all packed in one show. Furthermore, they all had individual problems which intertwined into these fighting against even stronger criminal and world domination stories. Who knew about the possibilities of superpowers could be more than just flying, teleporting and strength?

The Flintstones

Best Cartoons of our childhood

The days of the stone age may not have been as luxurious and modern as The Flintstones. Nevertheless, the thought of such an era was a dream. Moreover, we sure did want a pet dinosaur after that! It was honestly awe-inspiring to watch the family go about their everyday life and have a party. Once a while, we even thought this must have been the reality of the stone age. Hanna Barbera productions sure did give us some humourous yet thoughtful scenes and jokes in the 1960. Although it ended in 1966, it still graced our TV on Cartoon Network. Just like Wilma always said, “Da-da-da-duh-da CHARGE IT”, it was one of the best cartoons to charge us up.

BONUS: If you remember, a cartoon similar to The Flintstones was The Jetsons which took place in the future. Made by the same production house, it showed us the story of two families in two different and radical eras. With flying cars, space travel and automotive lives, it was a child’s dream. Moreover, the best part, it aired in sequence with The Flintstones.

Scooby Dooby Do, Where are you?

If mystery had an origin then it has to be through Scooby-Doo. The show aired in 1969 by Hanna Barbera productions to appease those parents who stood against the violence in superhero shows. The talking dog with his best friend Shaggy and his other buddies Fred, Velma and Daphne were the coolest gang. Furthermore, they would travel around in their Mini-Van and look for criminals. But these were no ordinary criminals. As these criminals tried to spook the gang, let’s admit it, we got scared as much as Shaggy and Scooby. More than ever, we wanted to have our own minivan for the gang! It may have changed its name over the years but our beloved dog and his gang made us one of the best cartoons ever.

Courage The Cowardly Dog

Our introduction to pure horror was through Courage The Cowardly Dog. Made in 1999, this cartoon introduced us to the concept of vampires, witches, aliens, zombies and even hypnotists. This Stretch Films production was a nightmare to all the kids yet we couldn’t help but get hooked to it. Moreover, cartoon network had it aired at the perfect nightly time where we would hide beneath our blankets to watch it. We loved the swanky art form and the courageous dog who saved Muriel every time. Scary yet one of the best cartoons!

Samurai Jack

An adventure of its own, Samurai Jack introduced us to a historical land of fighters. We have all held our own versions of katanas after watching this 2001 Cartoon Network production. The baddest samurai around, this lone samurai left home after mastering martial arts to get rid of the evil wizard Aku. Armed with his magical katana he was just going to take on the evil when Aku sent him to another time dimension. Further on, it was a perfect mixture of science fiction with comedy and drama when we got lost with the samurai in another time. Some would say that the ending disheartened us. However, if you didn’t know it then there is that will take you through the aftermath. Cartoon Network released the final season in 2017.

The Powerpuff Girls

Best Cartoons of our childhood

Every girl’s idols came from this iconic 1998 cartoon, The Powerpuff Girls. Which girl hasn’t pretended to be the trio of them with her cousins or friends? We fought to have Buttercup’s strength, Blossom’s leadership and ice power and Bubble’s scream. Moreover, one scared us more than Mojo Jojo and HIM. Cartoon Network and Hanna-Barbera production broke a stereotype in our eyes by making these cuddly little girls fighter and saviours. Forget Barbie, we were all in for The Powerpuff Girls. Not only did they fight the evilest of villains but fought their own fears too! Certainly is one of the best cartoons we all loved.

(Note that 2016 version disappointed us as well)

Dragon Ball (and Dragon Ball Z)

Best Cartoons of our childhood

Cartoon Network introduced us to the mainstream anime with Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. Originally Japan released its anime in 1986. A story of a young boy who has a love for martial arts finds himself many times saving the earth. Everyone loved Goku, his antics the way he chomped on food and his transformation. Z takes place a few years later where you find out that Goku is actually a sayian (an alien race known to be ruthless). Further on, this explains his powers but the villains that come after are even more dangerous. The characters are what make this Japanese anime so memorable. Thus, it gave us one of the best cartoon anime of all time. And the iconic pose of balled your fists to go super sayian right away!

Many more noteworthy cartoons made our childhood what it was. Science seemed more interesting thanks to Dexter and his laboratory and Ed, Edd and Eddy made our playtime seem dull in front of theirs. Codenamed kids made us all want a treehouse and Johnny Bravo made us sigh together at his failed trails. Furthermore, the alienated world of Pokemons and Digimon made us want to go about exploring the edges of the Earth. Also the Nickelodeon long-running shows like The Simpsons and Spongebob Squarepants grew up with us.

Certainly, some of the best cartoons made the headlines of our childhood journey.

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