Love Is In The Air! Find It At The Best Candlelight Dinners In Bangalore

Love Is In The Air! Find It At The Best Candlelight Dinners In Bangalore

They say the food is the way to the heart. If you can bond over food, then nothing else can stop you. Paired with the right ambience, it is perfect for rekindling a dying romance. May it be your first date, anniversary or you are planning a proposal, the bliss in the air, the sizzle in the food and a candlelight glow in the middle are perfect to go forward. In this case, Bangalore, with its fantastic weather and a variety of fine dining options, has all the right things planned. Rediscover love at the best candlelight dinners in Bangalore.

Top Candlelight Dinner Places In Bangalore

From the isolated Sarjapur to bustling Indranagar, a calm dinner with your loved one is enough to cure the trauma of the traffic. Some of these have been named the best of India’s restaurants. You are surely in for a treat and a heartfelt time.

Olive Beach

Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Olive Beach

The blue domes and the white walls of Olive Beach on Richmond Road will take you on holiday to the Mediterranean beaches. The golden lit lanterns places across the neatly placed florals are enough to set the mood right. Moreover, offering one of the best candlelight dinners in Bangalore, Olive Beach has exotic options from Greece, Portugal and Turkey to fill your tummy. Order up a plate of Greek Thessaloniki Salad or Portuguese Chicken Espetada. As you look into each other’s eyes and savour the delectable wines from their collection, your night will be the perfect date night. Olive Beach also one of our favourite restaurants in India that a gastronomer must check out.

Price For Two: INR 1800


Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Grasshopper

Located at a farmhouse in Bannerghatta Road, Grasshopper is a lovely escape under the moonlight and candles. The place offers you an outdoor ambience with the warmth of dim light enough to focus on each other and floral aroma. Go for their selections of fine wines and a special seven-course menu. Their specialities include prawns with ginger. Sesame with seaweed and lamb shoulder in red wine sauce. Furthermore, they can even customise a private meal for you. If you are looking for that right moment to take out the ring, this is your perfect chance.

Price For Two: INR 5000

Rural Blues

Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Rural Blues

With a beachy and colourful vibe, Rural Blues offers the perfect outdoor seating to have the best candlelight dinner in Sarjapur. With its raw whitewash bricked walls, vintage lamps and hand-knit furnishings and decor, the restaurant gives you a refreshed mood to your love story. Moreover, with all-time favourites of burgers, pizzas and pasta, how can it not get better? Complete your date with a mug of beer or a glass of sangria. The restaurant also offers Sunday brunch! You can request for a violin play by the table, just like in the movies. It is one of the best to experience a candlelight dinner in Bangalore, especially when you are looking for a getaway from the hustle of the main city.

Price For Two: INR 1500


Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Fava

For an elegant evening completed with minimal decor and lamps, no place could be better than UB City. Fava offers one of the classiest candlelight dinners in Bangalore. The glassed walls overlook the grandeur of UB City outside. Moreover, you can choose a seat inside if you want to sway with calmer music or sit outside for some refreshing Bangalore air. Offering a range of European and Mediterranean dishes, you can opt for their range of premium cocktails to complement it. Once you get the chance to tear your eyes off each other, give a go to their Mezze platter, Polenta Crusted Goat Cheese, Smoked Salmon Labneh, kebabs and baklavas. After a full tummy, your night couldn’t feel more romantic with the golden glow from the candle on your lover’s face.

Price For Two: INR 1200

Om Made Cafe

Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credita: Om Made cafe

If you are searching for that perfect Instagram click, then Om Made Cafe in Koramangala is your place to head to. With their airy rooftop ambience and soft-hued decor, you will surely melt with the love that is in the air. They have both indoor as well as outdoor seating. Moreover, with their selection of wines, you can choose to go with your love for comfort food like sandwiches, waffles and burgers. If you want to stick to your comfort zone, you can get their coffees and hot chocolate too! Mixed with the lovely light from the candle, you are sure to get your romance games right at one of the best candlelight dinners in Koramangala.

Price For Two: INR 1300

By the Blue

Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: By The Blues

A part of Grand Mercure in Koramangala, By The Blue is one of Koramangala’s favourite candlelight dinners in Bangalore. It is usually flocked with lovebirds. You can dine by the pool and intake the serene golden lit light and refreshing weather. Gives you a perfect chance to offer you a jacket to her, by the way. To add on, the restaurant makes some of the most delectable North Indian dishes. Sip in a glass of Sangria or a mug of beer while you enjoy their Galouti kebabs, Nalli Nihari or even Panchforan Wali Machli. If you don’t want to go for their alcoholic drinks, then you can opt for their fruit thandai.

Also, they have weekend brunch offers.

Price For Two: INR 1500


Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Kaze

You are in for a treat as you head to Kaze’s rooftop bar on the 21st floor. The fairy lights on the terrace matched with the clockwise view of the entrancing Bangalore skyline. Serving Japanese and Asian delicacies, this is one of our favourite fine dining candlelight dinners to enjoy in the city. Take in the romantic sky view and the breezy air as you taste their sushi, sashimi and nigiri. Moreover, you can order up contemporary Japanese cocktails to highlight your evening. If you are up for some red meat, then their new Zealand lamb chops are a must-try. Their subtle and minimalist plating brings out the finesse of the food!

Price For Two: INR 3000

Rim Naam, The Oberoi

Best Candle Light Dinners In Bangalore
Credits: Rim Naam

Located in the isolated insides of The Oberoi, Rim Naam offers a refreshing view of candlelight dinners. Surrounded by thick bamboo forests and courtyards over ponds, you will get all the privacy you need for your date. The golden hanging lanterns make up for a romantic sit down. When you are finished admiring each other, and the surrounding then indulge in their special Thai delicacies.
Moreover, the serene sound of violin and piano paired with chicken and prawn satays, Shoo chi Kong with prawns and phad thai, you couldn’t ask for a better setting. One of the reasons why it comes in our list of the best candlelight dinners in Bangalore is its cocktails and wine collections. You will not want to move an inch from here.
If you want to get experimental, then you can try their lard dishes as well.

Price For Two: INR 3000

Of course, no matter the candle lights or a delicious dinner, in the end, it is a good time you spend with each other that matter. So why not take a notch ahead with your love games.

Wish it. Do It. Woovly!

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