Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai To Switch On Your Romantic Mode

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai To Switch On Your Romantic Mode

Romance is in the air. May it be your first day or your umpteenth, if you are still going on dates, then the person must be a special one. An evening filled with good food, some wine and happy time, nothing spells love better than comfort. If you are planning your next, then we have a few places to suggest. If you are foodies and in dire need of some Instagram clicks, then these places are perfect to light up your evening. Besides, what makes a date better than some old school candlelight dinner? Here are some of the best candlelight dinners in Mumbai.

Top 8 Places in Mumbai to Go For Candlelight Dinners

Mumbai is the place to go to live that high life in India. Being India’s commercial capital, it hosts the trendiest of fashion and the best of creative cooking right in the heart. Not to mention, it is also one of the best places to kindle your romance.

Dome, Churchgate

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai
Credits: On The Grid

The open-air lounge overlooking the glistening Arabian Sea, Dome at the top of the Intercontinental Hotel is absolutely dreamy. As the sun goes down against the sea, the glow lights up the white decors of the place. If you are looking for the best candlelight dinners in Mumbai, then wait till they switch on their lanterns. The views and the plush seating are to kill for. Moreover, while you are there, don’t forget to dig into their sushi or Afghan Chicken with a glass of sparkling wine.

Price for two: INR 3500

The Table, Colaba

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai
Credits: Centurion Magazine

The Table in Colaba is a treat to those seeking for a jazzy evening. The soft tones playing in the background as you take a seat on their green velvet seats along with the hues of black and white on the walls, the place serves royally. The best part is that you can try their sample food in their small plates before ordering up. The golden glow of dim candles plays to perfect your dream space. The mix of potato gnocchi, lamb shanks along with the experimentation of earl grey ice cream is what makes it one of the best candlelight dinners in Mumbai. Paired up with a few glasses of Rose wine or a bottle of champagne, your lovely date is bound to be magical.

Price for two: INR 4000

The Sassy Spoon, Colaba

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai
credits” Architects And Interiors

The hidden in the pink place, The Sassy Spoon in Nariman Point gives a whimsy touch to your date. It’s dimly hung metallic chandeliers, vintage suitcases stacked on a wall and its wooden furnishings add to the charm of the place. If you are searching for dinner places, it is one of the best in Colaba with both indoor and outdoor seating. Moreover, they have an exciting mix of recipes to serve, Try their Mediterranean mixture of poached salmon, roasted red grape and beer ricotta and anise pork belly. With a mug of experimental craft beers, you will be gulping down on the lovely food in no time.

Price for two: INR 1800

Aer, Worli

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai

You will be transported to a fantasy future world at Aer in Worli. The spread of classy white seating, an egg-shaped glimmering bar head and the city lights of the city view from the top makes it all the more attractive. The 34th-floor open-air lounge also provides one of a kind view of Mumbai while being surrounded by the Arabian sea. Furthermore, with the mezze, chicken satay, bite-size sliders are perfect for grabbing with a glass of sangria under a starry night. It is the kind of date to fall in love all over again.

Price for two: INR 4500

Gadda Da Vida, Juhu

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai
Credits: Hospibuz

Live music acts, lush laws spread till the magnificent Arabian sea, Gadda Da Vida in Novotel is a celebrity favourite. Set on a breezy platform overlooking the seashore in the distance, you are sure to fall for the view and your lover. Moreover, they have couches along with single tables spread out. The restaurant features a pool in the middle of it. You can choose your dinner by the pool or by the sea. Providing one of the best candlelight dinners in Juhu beach, you will go weak in the knee tasting colourful wines. A plate of crispy tacos or beachside sliders with a glass of beer couldn’t feel better while watching the sunset.

Price for two: INR 4500

Asilo, Lower Parel

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai
Credits: Asilo

The rooftop of St Regis in Lower Parel, Asilo features a high-class open-air lounge with private cabanas. Spread out across the terrace with magnificent views of the Mumbai city skyline; it undoubtedly provides one of the best candlelight dinners in Mumbai. The silkiness of the curtains giving you enough space for intimation, warm wooden flooring, wide white couches with pillows for comfort and a flickering candle in the middle, isn’t that a date you are looking for? Moreover, their menu featuring the sinful grills and pasta is a treat to your tongue as you gulp it down with a glass of sangria. We suggest you try their delectable ravioli and grilled fish.

Price For Two: INR 5000

Koyla, Colaba

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai

Private cabanas, windy rooftop and a sea view which give the right beach vibes are Koyla in Colaba. With its striking red seating and traditional wooden decor, the place is a charming Indian getaway. Their menu serves multiple options for the best of Indian delicacies. From matka chicken and tandoori to dal makhani and paneer butter masala, it is a place to satisfy your butterly love. Moreover, it is the seating that steals the show. Not only couches and soft curtained cabanas but some of the seats are semi-seaters which a low table in between. It gives you the perfect reason to relax, wash your feet and sits cross-legged as you stare into each other’s eyes. However, they don’t serve alcohol, but you can always enjoy their berry blast mocktail and their flavoured hookahs.

Price for two: INR 2000

The Pali Village Cafe, West Bandra

Best Candlelight Dinner in Mumbai

It may not be your ideal scenic vibe destination for a candlelight dinner, but the rustic and vintage decor takes the brownie points. The Pali Village cafe provides an ambience of its own. Tucked in West Bandra, the bare bricks, faded photographs, peeling floors and the dim lighting takes you back in time. Moreover, as you are taken upon their twirling staircase, you will come across several private 2-seaters. A taste of their crispy thin pizzas, creamy risotto and wobbly pannacotta is enough to steal your heart just like the person in front of you did.

Price for two: INR 3000

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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