Here Are The Best Bollywood Movies To Inspire Your Travel Bucket List

Here Are The Best Bollywood Movies To Inspire Your Travel Bucket List

The box office hit the movies talks about how much it can entertain its audience. While some make us go wide-eyed at the beauty of the cinematic screenplay while others make us teary-eyed with the beauty of the role play. Bollywood movies play a massive part in giving the audience something they can relate to or dream of. While films like Taare Zameen Par helped us educate about dyslexia while giving us the feels, PINK got us angry at those who tried to silence us. Through the years, there have been many Bollywood movies which throw light on friendship and travel goals. Here are the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list and give you major travel goals.

Our Favourite Bollywood Movies To Inspire Your Bucket List

Soon you will be getting into your car, calling your friends up and heading out to the magnetic roads that the world has to offer. Don’t just sit and watch these movies, make your own!

Dil Chahta Hai

Ever wondered how Goa became the favourite holiday spot for all youngsters? It was Dil Chahta He which opened the doors for it. The story revolved around three friends who head out on the road to Goa to discover their post-college life. Taking you through the streets of Goa, exploring the grandeur of old forts and finding their own bond and love life, this movie gave an entire generation the zeal to fulfil their wish for a road trip to Goa. Furthermore, it rekindled the idea of falling in love! “Koi kahe kehta rahe, kitna bhi humko deewana,” The song gave us the idea to let go, live life and a hit to jam together. All the more reasons why it tops our list of the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list.


When they say, ‘ek akeli ladki….’ then show them a clip of Queen. The story is about a girl who was dumped on the day of her wedding and heads out for her honeymoon alone in Europe. While the start of the story saw many humps, eventually the girl opens up to making more friends, trying out the newest of things and discovering herself. Furthermore, this movie made us realise that there can always be a home beyond your home. Not only does it take you through the streets of Paris and Amsterdam, but it also gives you the dreams of making new friends, clubbing with strangers and backpacking cross countries! Apart from Kangana Ranaut’s on-point acting, this is one of our favourites when talking about the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list for solo travelling.


What may have started as a dark, twisted story of an unhappy bride-to-be kidnapped by a local goon, the story comes in terms with a beautiful journey you didn’t want an ending for. The movie frames take you through the off-beaten roads of North India. From the valleys and misty mountains of Sangla Vally in Himachal through Aru Valley and Pahalgam. Furthermore, the movie also captures the essence of the plains of Delhi, Punjab and Rajasthan, which makes you want to stop a truck and head out for an enchanting journey.

When Veera says, “Mujhe tum jahan se laye ho mein wahan nahi jana chahti. Jahan le ja rahe ho wahan pahunchna nahi chahti. Par ye rasta bohot acha he. Mein chahto hun ki ye kabhi khatam no ho”, don’t you get major road trip feels? You don’t want to halt, you want to keep moving and discovering every possible thing that the world has to offer. For this road enchanting, Highway is one of the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list.


Completed with picturesque beaches and refreshing lush greenery, Corsica makes you want to lay back and learn the art of doing nothing. Tamasha takes you on an emotional journey of meeting new people and finding your passion in a foreign land. Apart from the mystic beauty of the French island, the movie makes you want to meet people like Ved and Tara. Someone who could be your best companion in the middle of nowhere. Next time it strikes your mind that you don’t have the money or the time, then remember this movie and Ved’s word. It’s your life, you can change the ending however you want it.
For all you people who are wandering about thinking of being lost, get lost in a place where you can find yourself. For this, this is our favourite Bollywood movie to inspire your bucket list.


As you are growing older, the relationship with your parents might seem strained. Can you imagine taking a road trip with your old parents? Piku is such a movie which rediscovers a father-daughter relationship. Taking a journey through the incomparable roads of India, a father-daughter duo takes a trip with a taxi company owner. Furthermore, the view of culture-laden Varanasi at night and its way into the iconic skyline of the historic city of Kolkata makes you gush over the movie instantly. This Bollywood movie inspires your bucket list along with the want to rekindle your parental relationships. You don’t have to be a son to take care of your parents, and we agree with Piku.

Dil Dhadakne Do

May it be trendy outfits of the actors or the stunning ocean views from a cruise ship, Dil Dhadakne Do made us want to save up some money for a memorable trip. The story revolves around a dysfunctional family, hiding behind their high status in society and luxuries. To celebrate the parents’ 25th marriage anniversary, the family and their friends go on a holiday cruise through Spain, Turkey and Tunisia. The extravaganza of the ship made us want to lay back and sip a cocktail on its deck. Furthermore, the short scenic views of markets of Turkey and cycle rides through its streets had us spellbound. The trip, along with the fashion curated clothes of the characters; this movie is a hit when deciding the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list.

Yeh Jawani He Deewani

A movie that reminded us of friendship, love, flirting, discovering and so much more, Yeh Jawani He Deewani melted our hearts. This is undoubtedly one of the best Bollywood movies to inspire your bucket list. Skimming through the dense forests and snow-clad mountains of Manali, trekking through the ranges and camping under a starry night sky, an unplanned trip that leads to an adventure. The later part of the movie showed the wanderlust through Ranbir Kapoor lenses in Europe and a little homesickness when he comes back to India. Furthermore, the later part of the film surely did redefine our wedding dreams. It was shot magnificently through the palaces of Rajasthan while the vibrant streets and amicable people made us realise that the state was so much more than just a desert.

“Yaadein mithai ke dabbe jaise hote hein, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi kha paoge,” It gave us nostalgia even before we began making our memories.

Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Friends in need are friends indeed. This quote has been etched into our minds ever since we were kids. As we grow up, we become rather busy with our lives and forget to take some time out for what matters the most, us and our friends. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is that one movie about friends, love and family that a group of three friends explore while on a trip to Spain. The roads through Spain and the life adventures that the three end up doing makes you look back and think, “This life of mine is just a one-time thing.” From Arjun overcoming is fear of scuba-diving, Imran overcoming his fear of heights while he does paragliding across the limitless sky and the movie ending with running with the bulls to know that, the adrenaline rush is something worth living for. Moreover, complemented with the soulful shayaris and quotes, this Bollywood movie will surely inspire your bucket list.

After all, like Laila says, “Seize the day, my friend. Pehle iss din ko puri tarah jiyo, phir chaalis ke bare mein sochna.” After all, you live only once, so why not let go of your fears and worries.

Qarib Qarib Singlle

India has so much to offer, but we often forget the place when it comes to going on a trip. Your own country, you can feel like a stranger and meet another stranger who could be your best travel buddy. Qarib Qarib Single takes you on a trip from Rishikesh and Bikaner to Gangtok. Moreover, the movie legitimates the use of online dating apps where the two main characters meet before embarking on this memorable journey. Doesn’t it want to make you meet people to share your travel stories with? The emotional intertwining with the best of comedy time, you will discover a relatable adventure story.

After all, you don’t have to fall in love with someone to travel with them. Strangers can make you realise a lot of things about yourself that your own people cannot. “Saath Saath jeene marne wali love story nahi he humari.” What is the point if you die before living, after all?


Not everything in your life will go according to how you plan it, not the people to meet and especially, not the people you have the time of your life with. Strangers can give you a life lesson that will fill your heart till you die. “Mein akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar log judte gaye aur karwaan banta gaya.” Karwaan is such a movie that revolves around the story of three strangers who embark on a journey. However, not by choice. The roads take you through the misty chills of Ooty to the greenery and hustle of Kochi. To add on, the three keep it real with their travel in a caravan and how we wish we could too. An exciting mix of age groups, this movie will make you realise that you need not have fun or explore with just your people. You can learn many things from kids, teenagers and older people likewise.

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