Get Over Goa, Add These Best Beaches in Mangalore To Your Bucket List

Get Over Goa, Add These Best Beaches in Mangalore To Your Bucket List

A shout out to all the beach lovers—think of a place where you can get quite several beach options and that too the most exotic ones. It is the city of Mangalore in the state of Karnataka of the Indian subcontinent, a city that is lined by the Arabian Sea and the picturesque beaches. The best time of the year to explore the shores of this place is between September to April. We have prepared a list of best beaches in Mangalore for making it easier for you to visit each on your trip to the city.

Stunning Beaches in Mangalore

If you visit it during this time, you can experience the moderate and pleasant weather of this place. Let us check out some of the famous beaches in Mangalore. We will also help you with the things to do in Mangalore Beaches list so that you have great fun when you explore these beaches.

Panambur Beach

beaches in mangalore

Well maintained, well connected, and the most popular beach of Karnataka, the Panambur beach is in the topmost position of this list. The tropical monsoon climate plus the gorgeous view from this beach is what most of the beach people seek at this place.

It is filled with activities and pretty satisfying for holidayers wanting some adrenalin rush. Occasionally events like Kite festival and Coastal festivals are held here, which attracts tourists from all over. Enjoy the soft and sparkling sands and cut your keto diet plan in the delicious food stalls.

Location: NH-66, near New Mangalore Sea Port Trust Panambur.

Distance from the bus stand: 10 KM

Things to do at Panambur beach: Swimming, jet skiing, chariot rides, parasailing, water scooters, horse riding, camel riding, boat riding, joy rides for kids and other beach activities.

Tannirbhavi Beach

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One of the most sought after coastal destinations in the state of Karnataka, Tannirbhavi beach, is a retreat for every genre of beach holidaying and comes in the second position on popularity among beaches in Mangalore. Whether you are looking for lazy comforting hours or are in the quest of some incredible water sporting thrills, this beach serves to all.

Take the land by wheels or the Gurupura River by the ferry from Sultan battery and get to this broad beachfront. Other than beach and water activities, Sultan Battery, Tree Park, and the proposed marine museum are also among the major attractions and should be there in your Mangalore sightseeing list.

Location: Near the Fatima Church, Mangalore.

Distance from the bus stand: 9.9 KM approx.

Things to do at Tannirbhavi beach: swimming, surfing, water sports, camel riding and other beach activities.

Chitrapura Beach

beaches in mangalore

Looking for an escape from the cacophony of city life? A romantic solitude in itself, the Chitrapura beach a preferable holidaying spot for beach lovers who want to be close to nature and loosen up in the audio and visual treat. This beach is less explored, and that is where the beauty lies. The untampered natural panorama of this beach offers the best relaxing vibes.

Location: Chitrapura beach road.

Distance from the bus stand: 10.2 KM approx.

Things to do at Chitrapura beach: swimming, enjoying the scenic beauty and relaxation

Kodikal Beach

Mangalore Beaches

The stunning beauty of Kodikal beach is the foremost factor in what attracts the visitors of this place. One of the best photogenic beaches of Mangalore, it allures the lenses of both the human eyes and the cameras. The calm tranquillity of this beach will leave you with the potion to recover from your daily life struggles. It is also a popular picnic spot and the right choice for high tide surfers.

Location: Baikampady, New Mangalore.

Distance from the bus stand: 10.1 KM approx.

Things to do at Kodikal beach: swimming, surfing and other beach activities.

Ullal Beach

Mangalore Beaches

Another beach that offers you with a ringing solitude, and an escape from the humdrum of city life, is the Ullal Beach. Beach travellers are bound to love this place for its absolute serenity and the awe-inspiring view of the never-ending azure horizon.

Dotted with coconut groves, the beauty of this sparkling sandy beach has been enhanced by the touch of the vegetation. It is a popular beach destination and is perfect for a coastal experience. There are also a few heritage erections demanding for a visit.

Location: Ullal town, New Mangalore city.

Distance from the bus stand: 13.7 KM approx.

Things to do at Ullal Beach: Swimming, visit the 16th -century Jain temples, the Abbakka Devi fort and the Dargah of Sayed Mohammed Shareeful Madani.

Surathkal Beach

beaches in mangalore

Long sandy beaches, with rocks on the shore along the highway, and an ambience of solace, is what, Surathkal Beach, is in a nutshell. Crystal clear water seduces you to swim, or surf and the white sparkling soft sands call for a bare-foot stroll with your dear ones.

The major attraction of this beach is the lighthouse at one end of the shore, which remains open to tourists from 4 to 5 in the evening. The breathtaking sunset view from this beach allures the travel photographers.

Location: Surathkal, Mangalore.

Distance from the bus stand: 13.9 KM approx.

Things to do at Surathkal beach: swimming, surfing, camel riding, horse riding and other beach activities.

Someshwara Beach

Mangalore Beach

Someshwara is another name of Lord Somnath, and the presence of the temple of this revered Hindu god on the coastline has given its name. The golden sands of this beach have added up to the exclusive beauty of the shore.

Although it is considered unsuitable for swimming due to the fierce currents and hidden rocks, still the lush flora of this province is something spectacular in contrast to the blue sea. A magnificent view of the Netravati River blending with the Arabian Sea can be seen from the Ottinene hilltop. Thus, considering it as one of the significant Mangalore tourist places would not be something entirely wrong.

Location: Ullal, New Mangalore city.

Distance from the bus stand: 14.6 KM approx.

Things to do at Someshwara beach: Visiting the Somnath temple, hiking, sunbathing, relaxing and other beach activities.

Sasihithlu Beach

beaches in mangalore

When you intend on a beautiful and peaceful day with leisurely hours but somewhere close to nature, Sasihithlu beach can prove to a wise choice. Enjoy the exotic view of two submerging rivers, Pavanje and Shambhavi. The backwaters of these rivers have produced this marvellous beach with warm sands to soak in. Although it is in the bottom line of the popularity levels, it is super appealing to travellers who seek solitude.

Location: Sasihithlu Road, Haleyangadi, Sasihithlu.

Distance from the bus stand: 22.7 KM approx.

Things to do at Sasihithlu beach: Enjoy the natural belle, strolling, and relaxing.

So, what do you think about these beaches and places to visit in Mangalore? We say, don’t wait up! Pack your bags and get going for an amazing and rewarding vacay at the places less explored. For finding more of such suggestions and connecting with fellow travel souls, download the Woovly app now.

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