8 Arizona State Parks worth Adding To Your Bucket List   

8 Arizona State Parks worth Adding To Your Bucket List   

Arizona is one of the Four Corners states of the United States and has been ranked after New Mexico and before Nevada as the sixth largest state in an area. It is best known for the Grand Canyon, the mild-deep chasm carved by the river Colorado. Arizona State Park is a park with an area of land in the U.S that is preserved for its Natural, Cultural, or Recreational Resources. The State park system both includes state parks and historic park along with other designations.

Places to Visit in Arizona


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It is located in Mogollon Rim Country that is in the northeastern part of Arizona, which is high in the geographical phenomenon. The centerpiece of this bridge is 183-foot-high travertine Rock Bridge that conceals a 150-foot wide tunnel with 400 feet in length. The tunnel base is only half a mile, but it is rocky and treacherous. Accommodations are available in the nearby forest towns of Pine and Strawberry and in the larger town of Payson.


arizona state parks

It is located in the southwest of Sedona and found in a 286-acre nature preserve and environmental education center. The park features not only one of the best views of town’s signature rock formation, i.e., Cathedral Rock but also offers excellent access to the Lovely Oak Creek. The trails within this park are easy to moderate. Many hotels and vacations rentals are available in Sedona.


arizona state parks

It is located in the northwest part of Phoenix. It is named after the young hotshot firefighters died fighting the Yarnell; Arizona was grief-stricken and so to mark the spot where the firefighters took their last stand. The centerpiece of the park is a 3.5-mile trail through the rough and rocky terrains of the weaver mountain with many accommodations are available.


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It is located just 40 miles east of Phoenix, the superstitions make for an easy day trip for visitors to the valley of the sun. Several trails from Lost Dutchman lead into the superstition wilderness and nearby to the Tonto National Forest. In the spring season, the wildflowers peepers will be delighted with the colorful flowers that carpet the Lost Dutchman terrain.


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The Park is adjacent to the central Arizona town of Cottonwood that offers a respite for campers and day-trippers alike. With its vast camping spots and its mild winter weather, Dead Horse is a popular destination for year-round RVERS. It also offers camping cabins.


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It is located 7 miles north of Sedona on Oak Creek Canyon. The park features slick, rocky creek bottoms that are ideal for a thrilling and ride through the waters of Oak Creek. It has excellent Red- rock scenery and exciting history as a former apple orchard.


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It is located about an hour in the southwest of Tucson. Limestone columns stretch from floor to ceiling, and icicle-like fingers that are dangling from above. This state park, with its Throne Room featuring a 21-feet-long stalactite, and a 58-feet tall column named Kubla Khan. It has been described as an otherworldly subterranean space.


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It is located on the northwest route that is about 45 minutes between Phoenix and Tucson. The park is a stopping-off spot for RV and tent campers and for magnet visitors who are in search of a look on monoliths. There are also trails for every skill level that is ranging from half a mile to 3 miles. The park website describes the path as steep and twisting with steel cables anchored in the rocked in places where the surface is bare. Gloves are highly recommended.

Things to do in Arizona

  • Hiking 
  • Clicking beautiful views 
  • Places to take rest 
  • Mountain bike trail 
  • Fishing, Sliding 
  • Tent Camping

Things to Carry

Tank Tops, T-shirt, flip-flops, shorts, a wide-brimmed hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and swimsuit, jean jacket, tennis shoes for hiking, bandana for sun protection, Camera to capture scenic beauty and hiking with waterproof protection, and money including credit cards.

Arizona Tourist Attractions that Should be in your Arizona Bucket List

Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley, Glen Canyon National Recreational area, Antelope Canyon, Grand Canyon Village, Phoenix, Jerome, Canyon De Chelly National Monument, Lake Mead National Recreational Area, Petrified Forest National Park, Lake Powell, Tuscon, Flagstaff.

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