Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books That Will Have You Binge Read

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books That Will Have You Binge Read

Holidays are at hand, and we think its high time you moved on from binge-watching to binge reading. While you were confused about where to start from, praying for a perfect boredom saver list of books you can get your hands on, without worrying about how will you tote around with all the books? Well, your prayers are being answered! Amazon Kindle Books are the answer to your prayers. A swift pat on our back too as we prepared a list of perfect binge-reading eBooks that will let you have blissful holidays. Scroll down to check out the top 10 Amazon Kindle books that will keep you hooked. 

Where The Forests Meet The Stars 

Author: Glendy Vanderah

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A modern fiction that contains a series of mishappenings in Joanna Teale’s life, who is determined to upfront her strength and prove to the world that her sufferings haven’t lowered her zeal to accomplish her life goals. While she works till witching hours to prove that the pain she has been through has only made her stronger until she comes across a barefoot child near to her desk. The story revolves around the mysterious child and Joana’s conscientious behavior towards this sudden event that occurred in her life. You will find it as a compelling story of how relationships are made without having any selfish interests that are carried forward in love. Among the top 10 Amazon Kindle books, this will land right in your ebook library. 

The Killer Collective

Author: Barry Eisler

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

This novel is an assassination thriller where an unexpected team of dubious members decides to unveil the truth. Sex crimes and child pornography start to weigh in as detective Livia Lone deciphers the conflicting agendas of the government. With clashing convincing lies, betrayals, and smoldering romance, the story finds its merciful route to suit every character’s role and reveals the ugly truth. 

Thin Air

Author: Lisa Gray Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A must-read to have on your reading list. Thin Air is a novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The novel is a mystery thriller in its genre and completely suits the title of binge-read. A private investigator Jessica Shaw discovers a photograph of a three-year-old kid who was kidnapped twenty-five years ago, which is a bolt from the blue for her as she soon recognizes that kid as herself. Jessica is determined to solve her case, which was not taken care of by the police of the town. As she digs deeper, she discovers some disturbing secrets and truth about the death of her biological mother.

What The Wind Knows

Author: Amy Harmon

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A romantic novel where the plot is based on Anne Gallagher, who grew up listening to her grandfather’s stories. After her grandfather passes away, she goes to a strange land to honor the ashes of her grandfather. The story takes a vital turn when she finds herself mothering to an innocent boy and falling in love with a man who has been oddly friendly to her over time. She is called to make a hard decision where she is made to choose between her past peaceful life and survival with her lover in a historical war. Head to Amazon Kindle Books store to add this one to your library

I’m fine & Neither are you 

Author: Camille Pagán

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A story that will make every reader reconsider if honesty is the best policy. A novel that serves you a contemplating plot whether love is all about trust or just accepting a person for who they are. Penelope Ruiz-Kar, a mother and wife with her husband Sanjay, leading a complicated marriage, decides to list down a number of things they would want each other to change about themselves. As they start to think they have the got the perfect solution for the rough patch in their marriage, things start to go in wrong directions. You will find the story captivating in its own way and gives its reader many dimensions to decide the suitable end of the story.


Author: Tara Westover

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

The book is unanimously voted as to be one of the best books of the year by The Washington Post, Time, and several other magazines. The book is a memoir that narrates the story of a young girl who did not receive schooling throughout her lifetime due to her adventurous family. She later decides to leave and start living her life, which then makes her achieve a PhD from Cambridge University. A biography that will not only leave you inspired but also encouraged to take chances and accomplish your goals.

Blood For Blood 

Author: Victoria Selman

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A gripping thriller, which is outlined by a cat and mouse game of two main characters of a criminal profiler and a serial killer. It’s the race towards who unleashes whose identity first. Filled with suspicious characters and events, we can assure you that the story will keep you glued. Head to Amazon Kindle Book library to add this one.

The Forgotten Hours

Author: Katrin Schumann

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A fictional story that narrates the perfect life of a twenty-year-old girl who falls in love with an artist and has her dream job in New York. As she moves forward to begin a new chapter of her life, the daunting past trails behind making her discover deep-buried secrets of her life. The story will keep you in grasp to know what happens next.

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Author: Kelly Harms

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

A fiction filled with humor that will make you giggle as you read through the pages. The story of a hard-working mom who needs a break and is offered one by her loving husband who decides to take care of their children for the summer break. Grabbing this opportunity, she decides to go to New York and live a cultural life. She even goes out on a few blind dates, and as the end of the summer break approaches an end, her return to her monotonous life serves the reader with the leisure of comedy.

The Rescue 

Author: Steven Konkoly

Top 10 Amazon Kindle Books

Ryan Decker, who is hired for a rescue mission that goes disastrously wrong, after which accusations have been made on him. He is obsessed with clearing his name from the ledger and decides to take things in his hands and take risks to defy the rules and deal with wildfire conspiracies to stop things from getting worse. The story will give jolts to your heart as you read through. A must-read from Amazon Kindle Book library.

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