Amazing Health & Beauty Bucket List Ideas For Women To Embrace Life

Amazing Health & Beauty Bucket List Ideas For Women To Embrace Life

Beauty is not just about the inheritance but also how you keep-up your lifestyle. Beauty depends on various things like fitness, diet, sleep, stress-free life. We all come across many beauty and health issues in our day to day life. You should do things for yourself now and then, like buying a beauty product you always wanted because you work hard and you are worthy of it. Check out this amazing list of health and beauty bucket list ideas to pump up your 2020.

The Absolute Best Health & Beauty Bucket List Ideas For Women

When you finally kick the beauty bucket, you’ll look fabulous. Because no one will remember you learned to knit or did a handstand in the ocean. But they will surely talk about your 70-year-old skin looking fresh just like a newborn baby’s skin. Here’s your beauty bucket list guide to the products, treatments and skincare, makeup and hair adventures you simply must try before you die. Yeah, we know. You’re welcome.

1. Get A Signature Scent For Yourself

Every woman must have a fragrance she truly loves for a long, long time. You know, the kind that makes your ex remembers you when they smell it on a stranger. Find one that matches your way of life, personality, and taste so that whenever people smell it, they instantly think of you.

2. Learn How To Do Makeup

Be it for the office, a party, or a date night, learn how to enhance your beauty with the perfect makeup.

3. Try Full Mind & Body Detox

Take an integrative approach to beauty where you’ll shut off from technology while shifting your diet, mindset and exercise routine.

4. Put On Dark Lipstick And Slay

Have you ever wondered about trying a dark lipstick? Well, it’s the time to think out of the box. Playing with the colours is so much fun and putting on the darker shades adds more eccentricity to it. Just one swipe and you are ready to slay.

5. Go All Natural For A Month

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If you are into heavy makeup, then go natural without any makeup. Leave your face natural and be happy with it. Ditch all facial products for a month. Clear the clutter and clear your skin.

6. Dye Your Hair With A Crazy Colour

Try out a temporary hair colour or highlights. It might be new, but it’s enjoyable to experience life with Pink, Turquoise, Cherry Red or even Silver-Grey hair.

7. Go For An Out Of The Box Treatment

How to do facial at home - Steam

Whether that’s acupuncture, cupping, cryotherapy, Bird’s Dropping Facials, micro-blading or a 24k gold face mask treatment, you must try it at least once.

8. Get A Full-Body Skin Checkup

People mistakenly think that only some skin types are prone to damage, but that’s not the case. Even people who never burn in the sun should have a checkup because there are places which might get affected. So, it’s always good to be safe.

9. Become A Pro In Highlight And Contouring

If you are only into basic makeup, then step out and learn various makeup techniques. Highlighting and contouring are just 2 of them to get a refined and polished version of yourself.

10. Try A Colourful Mascara Kohl And Eyeliner

Swap out your blacks or browns and lookout for a more colourful formula. It’s subtle yet exciting to brighten up your entire look.

11. Try Red Wine Facial

Red wine that is made from grapes is exceptionally beneficial for the skin. It has many antioxidant properties, which improves both skin and health.

12. Discover Your Signature Look

Ariana Grande with her half ponytail, Taylor Swift with her red lipstick and many others have their signature look. So why can’t you? Find something that works for you, and make it yours.

13. Go For A Crazy Haircut

Summer is here! Time to cut off the long and twisted hair. Shorter hairstyles like bob are good to embrace in the summer while long hair suit Winters more. So, what are you waiting for? Go get a stunning summery look.

14. Get Your Winged Eyeliner

Making your cat-eyes perfect takes time. But once you figure out which eyeliner hack works best for you, you’ll never have to be late to the date with your special one.

15. Focus On A Perfect Diet Plan

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All you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle is a proper diet plan. Customise your diet according to your body conditions which will help in achieving a more youthful and active lifestyle.

16. Get A Product You’ve Been Dying To Try

It’s not a daily thing, but you don’t need to always go for the cheaper version of a product. Buy the expensive product you’ve been wanting, and it’s most likely going to work better and make you feel nice.

17. Learn A Proper Way To Meditate

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Ever wanted to appear 5 – 10 years younger within a month? Start meditating. Studies have shown that people who meditate can remain focused, more optimistic and calmer. People who meditate know how to control the worrisome thoughts that only accelerates ageing and illness.

18. Spa Times With Your Girls

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Plan a weekend spa retreat with your girl gang. Enjoy a whole day spa with them and make the most of it with food, friends, firm massage, fun and all.

19. Drink 2 Litres Of Water Every Day

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As the human body contains 75% of water, it’s equally essential to drink at least 2 litres of water a day. Usually, most of the people don’t stick to a particular measure, but drinking more water has its health and beauty benefits.

20. Buy A Luxurious Bathrobe

Those robes at spas and 5-star hotels are comfortable. It’s incredible how something so simple can make you feel so pampered with adding a touch of luxury to your life. So, why don’t you get one for yourself?

21. Invest In A Skincare Routine

How To Do Facial At Home: Apply Mask

We have seen our mom, who rarely wear makeup and still look amazing and younger than they are. Take some tips from them, invest in serum, eye cream and some natural products to get the flawless skin just like your mom.

Because You Deserve The Best

Having a list of things one would like to accomplish makes it easier to have fun performing it. Above all, Be charitable. Be Courageous, Be kind, Be Happy, and Be a good person. Remember that real beauty is the kind that starts from within. It’s cheesy, but it’s true.

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