Find Amazing Bucket List Ideas Matching Your Zodiac Sign

Find Amazing Bucket List Ideas Matching Your Zodiac Sign

According to astrologists, your astrological chart reflects what you are. The position of planets and stars at the time of your birth determines your whole life. They tell a lot about you – your likes and dislikes, your choices and career, your love life, and health conditions. Even how you perceive a particular situation in different stages of your life, you will be astonished to know that your natal charts can predict even your travel choices. Isn’t that interesting? Keeping every aspect in mind, we have prepared a list of bucket list ideas for every Zodiac sign.

Bucket List Ideas Based On Your Zodiac Sign

When we wish for something, that is when we think of our bucket list ideas, we do it entirely based on our characteristics. Some like reading some don’t, some like cooking some don’t. Likewise, some people like adventurous trips, whereas some go for a very luxurious holiday while some simply want to dive into history among the ruins of yesteryears. Believe it or not, your zodiac signs are like your guiding stars and constructing a bucket list according to them are like asking your soul -‘what do you want?’

Here is a guiding path for your next ventures, which hopefully will prove to be very efficient in fulfilling your deep-down wishes. It can also challenge your stars and planets and choose something unexplored till now. So, here are some bucket list ideas based on your stars:

1. Aries

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The adventurer—that is what your zodiac sign says, fire being your ruling element you are robust and is always seeking for something new. You are known to be filled with massive energy when it comes to explore and never settle for the less. You want to live larger than life, choose the path less taken, and come out to be the torchbearer of the clan.

So, some boring trips are not for you. You can take a drive to Las Vegas or San Diego. These road trips are amazing bucket list ideas which can suffice your adventurous urges. South USA, Greece, Europe, and the North East of India are some of the best places where you get more than just traveling. Adventure-sports are your thing, try surfing, river rafting, paragliding, bungee jumping, and enjoy the adrenalin rush. Enjoy the unknown exotic foods of each place you explore, foods that others might lack the courage of even tasting.

2. Taurus

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All the luxuries of the world were invented for you to indulge. One thing that the Taurians are known for is their love for the exquisite deluxe lifestyle. No one can coax a Taurus to leave the luxuries of a 5 star and explore in the jungles. Earth being your ruling element, you seek the fineness of life and indulge best in the lap of exotic nature.

So, visiting places like the Amalfi coast in Italy will fill your senses with enthralling beauty that the charming atmosphere of the site has to offer. Venus is the planet that defines beauty in every form and, as a ruling planet of your zodiac sign, pulls you to places like the Port City of Salerno and Tuscany in Italy. Indulge in the vineyards and lemon groves of Salerno or just throw yourself in the luxuries of a comfy and cosy villa in Tuscany or just go for the sea beaches of Miami and relax.

You are an art appreciator by birth, and what can be more satisfying for you to lay your eyes on a Botticelli in France. The Rio de Janeiro music festival held every second year in Brazil is also an amazing bucket list idea for you like the Taurus, the music lover.

3. Gemini

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The warm-hearted Gemini, you are fun-loving and are best with a lot of life around you. You can blend with every kind of person and is the eye for every party. Hence, the hustles and bustles of city life are more appealing to you than solitude in the lap of nature.

Your bucket list ideas must include the happening and un-miss-able New York City. A city that never sleeps and is filled with spots to explore with comfort at your disposal. Cairo and Jerusalem are also amazing bucket list ideas for you, as the energetic and mysterious vibes of the cities are the perfect blend to satisfy your curious soul. You can also check in Singapore as it offers everything that a Gemini can ask for.

4. Cancer

travel ideas based on zodiac sign

The peace mongers. Cancerians are known to be homeward persons. No matter where they go, they always miss the comforts of their homes. So, it is recommended for you to set your bucket list ideas where you feel a lot more at home, avoiding the huffs and puffs of traveling.

Visiting the countryside will make you feel close to home, and the English countryside will serve your purpose. Since water, the driving element of your sun sign, go for the beaches and water sports like scuba diving, snorkelling, which is much more comfortable than surfing or water rafting.

The Great Barrier Reef of Queensland is advisable for exploring the unknown in tranquillity. Also, relish the local cuisine of France in the food stops and enjoy the homely feel in its rental services for cosy apartments.

5. Leo

travel ideas based on zodiac sign

The lion is always associated with something majestic, royal, and fiercely beautiful. Such is your nature. You don’t settle for something less, can work hard for your luxuries, and are very happening people when it comes to travelling to new destinations. They explore fearlessly, and a call to the unknown is what they seek. They are also the party animals.

Hence, one of the suggested places for you is Bali. The island offers exotic views of nature with the luxuries of spas and resorts to relish. The nightlife of Santorini or Buenos Aires, are just meant for you.

Honk Kong, with all of its luxuries circling night clubs and pubs, is also a great place you can indulge in. Speaking of royalty, you cannot avoid India. The state of Rajasthan in India will open up the royal world that you long for.

6. Virgo

travel ideas based on zodiac sign

Virgo is a Zodiac sign of those people who are both animal and nature lovers. So, all the forests around the world, starting from Amazon to the Kaziranga, should be in your bucket list ideas. If you want to add a sprinkling touch of adventure in it, then don’t miss the Safaris in each of these forests.

Hurry up, as with the increasing depletion of forests happening, around the world nowadays; you may have very little time in your hand. Time to satiate your love and passion of getting yourself immersed within the lap of nature with all its beautiful and fierce animals in it.

7. Libra

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Beauty and harmony are the two things that the Libras want to be surrounded with. They don’t just believe in taking pleasure from the thing of beauty, but they, too, try hard to make themselves beautiful. Hence, a professional or an out-of-the-box photoshoot in the beautiful landscape of the Bora Bora Island or the beautiful architecture of Greece and Italy will be the best bucket list idea for your Zodiac sign.

Get stunning makeup and explore the artistically beautiful cities such as Italy, Greece, Jaipur, Rome, Paris, and places such as these elegantly and beautifully.

8. Scorpio

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Scorpions are excellent friends, and while preparing their bucket list, they should have something that will help them to have the best friends’ reunion. So, they can plan a trip to Goa or Bali with their friends where they can enjoy speedboat rides and music with their friends. They can also taste exotic foods and other adventure sports with friends and make the most memorable moments of life.

If you are a hill person, then explore hilly areas of India and Europe. Enjoy skiing, hiking, and mountain biking with friends or you can just rent a cottage or a home-stay in the laps of the mountain and enjoy some quality time with friends.

9. Sagittarius

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Daredevil is the word that perfectly defines Sagittarius. They are not just outdoor people, but they are the daring of the lot. They won’t be just happy with any outdoor activity. If you are a Sagittarius, you can have volcano surfing and shark diving in your amazing bucket list ideas.

10. Capricorn

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Capricorns are family people. They always want their family to be around them. So, if you are a Capricorn, why don’t you plan a Europe tour with your family? Explore the exotic landscape of the occident with ancient churches and the heritage buildings along with lighthouses that are almost 1000-years old. You can also have your family members named tattooed on your body. In this way, you can always carry them along with you, if not they in physicality at least their names.

11. Aquarius

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Aquarians are not just a family person, but they are the sports and the physical activity lovers too. So, a perfect bucket list idea for them would be planning a day-out with family where they can enjoy surfing, skiing, or hiking with the family members. In this was Aquarians could enjoy life to the fullest.

Aquarians also want to try everything once in their lifetime, so devouring something local yet not that stereotype can be your call. Something like the octopus or the snail, or scorpion? Well, if you’re an Aquarian, you won’t say ‘yew.’ Instead, you will go for it and have it.

12. Pisces

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Pisces are not anyway party animals. Instead, they love to have alone time with their self. So, for a Pisces, a good bucket list idea would be going to have a spa break in one of the most exotic beaches of the Earth or enjoying a sunset in the laps of hills with a book and a cup of coffee or freshly brewed tea.

So, based on your Zodiac sign, prepare your bucket list before it’s too late. Download the Woovly app now to make your bucket list goals easy to follow.

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