Here Is All You Need To Know About #Trending Dalgona Coffee

Here Is All You Need To Know About #Trending Dalgona Coffee

With the pandemic pushing everyone inside their homes, the social media has seen a never seen before surge. From cooking recipes to people doing the craziest things are trending on social platforms. After all, anything works as long as it keeps people happy and kicking. Storming the world of social media are the internet trends, which keep the world closer than ever . Who would have thought a South Korean street favourite would take to the kitchens of the world? Yes, we are talking about the sensational coffee, Dalgona Coffee. 

If you have been wondering what it is, how is the coffee different and whatnot, we have all the deets here, Here is everything you need to know about Dalgona Coffee.

What is it?

dalgona coffee
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While netizens are going gaga over this South Korean delight, the lesser-known fact is that the origin of this coffee goes back to India and Pakistan. In the Indian subcontinent, people know the coffee as pheti hui or whipped coffee even before it hit the gram. Moreover, this whipped coffee with milk landed in the Korean streets when the popular actor, Jung II woo presented it on a TV show after being swooned by it in Macau.

However, Dalgona is actually the name of a honeycomb toffee made in South Korea. Strangely though, the toffee has no relation with Dalgona coffee except perhaps the use of sugar to make frothy!

The quarantine and isolation has gotten people to do something productive. Hence, the trend to make this style of coffee went viral in Tik Tok and Instagram. 

How to make Dalgona Coffee?

Honestly, we wouldn’t blame you for wanting to get into the game. Some odd people might frown at you but you can’t deny the beauty of the Dalgona Coffee. All you need are 3 basic ingredients and a camera to capture the aesthetics.


  • 2 tablespoons of coffee
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 tablespoons of hot water
  • A hand whisk or stand whisk
  • Cold milk

The process to the magic:

  1. Take a bowl and put two tablespoons of coffee, two tablespoons of sugar and two tablespoons of hot water in the sequence mentioned.

    dalgona coffee
    By: whiskey affair
  2. Whisk all the ingredients using the hand whisk or stand whisk for 5 mins or more until you get a creamy texture.

    Dalgona Coffee
    By: whiskey affair
  3. Take a glass and fill it with ice followed by milk. You can just take cold milk as well.

    Dalgona Coffee
    By: Whisky Affair
  4. Carefully pour the whipped coffee mixture onto it

    Dalgona Coffee
    By: Whisky Affair
  5. Sprinkle some cocoa powder or icing sugar on top. 

Your Dalgona Coffee is ready! Stir it and drink up/

You can always add a twist to your coffee with a topping edition. While cocoa powder, icing sugar or chocolate syrup are the common toppings, you could explore between more coffee powder, cinnamon powder and even m&m’s to sprinkle.

Moreover, you could drink it with warm milk too. They are a perfect sip for the winters!

Explore With Variations

Dalgona Coffee
Dalgona Chocolate

1.Make your own Dalgona Chocolate. If you are not a caffeine fan, you can always enjoy a chocolatey frothiness instead. Take cocoa, sugar and warm water and whisk along with egg whites. Further on, as soon as you get a creamy texture, top it on cold milk.

Dalgona Coffee
Dalgona Candy

2. Serve your caffeine with dalgona milk tea. Having said that, Dalgona tea is a little different of Dalgona coffee. Instead of frothy topping, you top it with Dalgona candy. Heat up sugar, water and baking soda. As you mix it, you will get a thick and sticky paste which dries out. 

Dry it out and you will get your Dalgona candy.

Make your milk tea and top it with Dalgona candy. Moreober, you can also add these to your Dalgona coffee.

To make cold milk tea, use black tea, sugar and water. Heat it till you get a syrup. Furthermore, add it to cold milk. You get milky tea! 

P.S: The same tea is used to make a good boba tea as well. So why not give boba Dalgona tea a try?

Dalgona Coffee
Matcha Dalgona

3. Make a matcha tea dalgona. This one is simple. You have to follow the steps to make Dalgona Coffee and switch your coffee with matcha powder!

4. While whipping the ingredients to your Dalgona coffee, add in a little vanilla essence and cornstarch for a thicker consistency. You get a Vanilla Dalgona Coffee!

Dalgona Coffee
Mocha Dalgona Coffee

5. We suggest adding in sprinkles of cocoa powder along with coffee and whip it all together. The results will give you a refreshing and cooling glass of Mocha Dalgona Coffee.

6. How about a little spiced coffee instead? Add in some powdered ginger and cinnamon as you whip it. Moreover, you can experiment with vegan milk as well. Instead of normal milk, you can use almond milk, coconut milk or even soya milk.

You can come with as many variations as you want. Who knew a cup coffee can be that little happiness we needed?

Make your own sweet delight and spread the love!


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