Adventure Bucket List Ideas To Remind You The Thrill Of Living

Adventure Bucket List Ideas To Remind You The Thrill Of Living

What is life without a little adventure? Those who have felt their rushing hearts while climbing a hike or swam with marine animals know what we are talking about. However, for all you daredevils who want to take it to the next level, we have the best adventure bucket list ideas for you to try out. Bungee jumping from the Himalayan ranges, swimming with sharks or having the coldest dive of your life, the sense of accomplishment is incomparable.

Top Adventure Activities To Add To Your Bucket List


It doesn’t matter if you are an adrenaline junkie or just someone looking for a fresh look at life these bucket list ideas are for you! 


Coconino Natural Forest in Sedona, Arizona, USA

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

The name “Devil’s Bridge” alone gets your blood pumping! This bridge is actually a natural sandstone arch located in the Coconino Natural Forest in Sedona, Arizona. It is relatively steep and full of natural rock staircases the view is worth the long trek. Moreover, the surrounding view of the red rock landscape makes the hike one of the adventurous bucket list ideas.


Mayura Hills Resort, Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Cambodia is a country that will get the adrenaline flowing right from the moment you land. From the crazy tuk-tuk rides and viewing awe-inspiring sites like Angkor Wat to following machete-clad guides hiking through the tropical jungles. The three-tiered natural waterfall in Mondulkiri is a popular place for locals and tourists. And for one reason only; it is breathtaking from any angle. Yet the most exciting way to see the falls is from the zip line above. After flying through the dense foliage, the penultimate line goes directly over the falls. To add on, the gorgeous view of the falls and greens will take your breath away. The height alone makes it a goal to add to your adventure bucket list ideas.


Leon, Nicaragua, Central America

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

The young cinder volcano in Nicaragua is not only magnificent and hot but extremely intimidating too. What else would you expect from an active volcano? With the feel of lava bubbling inside, it is enough to give you chills. However, you’ll be flying down the side of the same on a piece of wood when you go volcano boarding. Furthermore, you can taste the ash and feel that buzz of pure fear mixed with excitement that can give you a high like no other. Now we are talking adventure bucket list, aren’t we?


Bay of Fundy, Canada

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

On the East Coast of Canada, between the Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, you’ll find the Bay of Fundy. It is home to the highest tidal range in the world. The water coming into the bay produces 11-16 feet waves. Moreover, it produces up to class four white water rapids! Guess what? You get a chance to go tidal bore rafting right into this terror bay. Get ready to be soaking wet, laughing and screaming but be sure to shut your mouth before a taste of the muddy, salty water gets into your mouth! Scary or exciting, that is up to you to choose, but it sure is an adventure bucket list idea to try out.


Málaga, Spain

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Combine these ingredients; fear of heights, going out of your comfort zone and Europe’s most dangerous walkway – what do you get? A recipe for a severe blood-curdling and fear-generating challenge. El Caminito del Rey is a 7km narrow walkway through two 100ft tall gorges in Spain’s Andalusian mountains. It is the most incredible walkway, and the views soon overtake any anxiety and you quite literally, are walking on the edge. However, it is about living the edge life with the best of adventure activities.


Caucasus Mountains, Russia

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Better pack your snowshoes for this one because you are going to the North Pole. Conquering the world’s highest mountain peaks is a thrilling and tough activity.

Further on, it requires not only the right fitness level but some high mountain climbing experience as well. Walking knee-deep into the snow at the dark while fighting tiredness, cold and wind are quite challenging. However, it is rewarding as you take in the view from above. The one look at the mist-covered peaks around you, it will feel like the top of the world.


Bolivia, South America

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Any road called ‘Death Road’ is worth a visit and Bolivia’s death road is the real deal. It is used by adrenaline-seeking tourists who hurtle down by bike. The challenging part is trying to avoid the sheer drop to almost certain death if they steer the wrong. If you are one such biker confident enough to try it, then head to Bolivia with your bike baby. Various companies offer guided tours down the Death Road. Moreover, their bike tours include the provision of sturdy mountain bikes, helmets, gloves and jumpsuits. If you are looking for an adrenaline fix, then Bolivia’s Death Road has to be on your adventure bucket list!


Kampot, Cambodia

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Thrill-seeking travellers are always trying out new activities on the road. Getting certified for scuba diving, riding a motorcycle for the first time, maybe doing some off-key singing at a karaoke bar in Tokyo but for some reason, rock climbing rarely seems to make it to the adventure bucket list. However, Kampot in Cambodia disagrees. The steep terrain of the rock makes it perfect for adrenaline junkies.

Moreover, the Discovery Tour lets beginners in climbing try out a variety of different styles. The styles include top roping, caving, rappelling, and via Ferrata (climbing while clipped onto a steel cable). We suggest you avoid the monsoon seasons, July to September, as it could get slippery and hence, dangerous for a climb. 


Subic, Philippines

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

The Superman ride will surely zip you so fast you feel like you’re flying! Subic in the Philippines comes with the breathtaking views of lush landscape and the fastest ziplines. To amp up your adventure bucket list, we dare you to do the Tree Drop Adventure. In this, you free fall from the top of a 60-foot tree. Don’t you worry, this adventure activity comes with enough safety gears. To add on, when done with that, you could go for a slower-paced Canopy Ride 100 feet above the ground or a trekking adventure to appreciate the ethereal natural wonders.


The Last Resort, Nepal

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

There’s a lot more to Nepal than climbing Mount Everest. At 160 metres, bungee jumping among the Himalayan ranges will get your blood pumping. As you look straight out to the gorge and then down to the river that looks like a creek from the bridge, you will be having a fall for your lifetime. However, don’t mess around with safety as you’re taken through all the procedures about what to expect. They also teach you how to take your weight before you go onto the bridge to await your turn. 


Huashan Mountain, Shaanxi, China

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Edging along a series of narrow wooden planks balanced high above a certain death drop over the side of a mountain isn’t everyone’s idea of fun. However, if you want the thrill, this is something you should add your adventure bucket list. Huashan is a mountain in China’s Shaanxi province, not far from the vibrant city of Xi’an, and it’s here where you’ll find the infamous Sky Plank Walk. It’s definitely the star attraction in these peaks that draw thousands of visitors each week.

Furthermore, wooden beams are haphazardly secured into place on the mountain face by a strange assortment of fastenings. The fastenings include an old table leg and some bent, rusty nails. Lines of daredevils queue up to test their nerves on this precarious course. To make matters worse, it’s two-way traffic. You have to make your way behind people’s backs on the return journey, pushing you further over the abyss.  


Inuvik, Northwest Territories of Canada

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

The arctic in itself something you should add to your adventurous activities. Several hours on the tundra, you will be miles away from any civilisation on a sledge pulled by dogs. With the artic lights flowing in the night sky above you, it is exhilarating in a unique way. However, try to maintain your balance while the dogs run at high speed. Finish the night under the stars with a bowl of pasta and some warm cocoa. 


Thingvellir National Park, Iceland

Adventure Bucket List Ideas

Forget snorkelling in a tropical paradise. If you want to get your heart thumping, try snorkelling in near-freezing water between two continental plates! Head to the Silfra Fissure in Iceland’s Thingvellir National Park, wrap up in a dry suit and plunge into water that is around 2-3°C for the swim of your life.

The highlight is reaching a spot where you can touch both North America and Europe simultaneously while taking a perfect profile picture. The picture-perfect surroundings with the rush of thrill, this is a must to add to your adventure bucket list.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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