Check Out The Top 5 Adventure Activities in Hong Kong

Check Out The Top 5 Adventure Activities in Hong Kong

An adrenaline-filled party night is something we surely expect from the bustling and vibrant Hong Kong. Bright neon lights, striking skyscrapers, busy roads, a tantalising choice of street foods, and high-end fine dining are few of the things we readily associate with this place. Iconic skylines, traditions, lush green nature where rare birds revel are something we are familiar with. Right, there are many exciting things to do in Hong Kong. We pick top 5 adventure activities in Hong Kong that should be on your wishlist. 

Top 5 Adventure Activities in Hong Kong

What most tourists don’t realise is that Hong Kong is the home to geological gems. Over 70% of Hong Kong is misty mountains and sprawling country parks. Hiking trails and running tracks abound, and so do canoeing, mountain biking, and wake-boarding areas. Not far from the bustle of the city lies beautiful places worth exploring. If you’re up for some adventure, be sure to check out these 5 places that will have your heart hearing fast and head dizzy with the thrill of it all.

1. Hike Lantau Peak, Hong Kong’s Second-Highest Mountain

The stunning view awaits you on top of this trail. Depending on your pace, you can get to the top from anywhere between 1 – 2.5 hours. Right next to Sunset Peak, this trail is pleasant and challenging at the same time. It is one of the top adventurous things to do in Hong Kong. One can take an MTR to Tung Chung and then take the 3M Bus. Make sure to stop at Pak Kung Au. From there, it’s all uphill. 

One gets a view of the statue of the stunning Big Buddha, one of the prime locations in Hong Kong. You can take an MTR to Tung Chung and take the Ngong Ping 360 cable car up to the Big Buddha. Majestic and striking, it makes all the sweat worth it. Be sure to carry water and snacks with you. 

2. Kayaking The Fishing Village Of Tai O

Hong Kong has a stunning coastline, white beaches, exposed shores, and stone caves. Naturally, it has something to offer to everyone, from beginners to expert paddlers. With great weather all year round, kayaking is the best way to explore the city’s many natural attractions.

Tai O is described as the Venice of the East. A splendid village you can easily explore by a boat, it is a unique experience for tourists. Not only can you see huts on stilted roots resembling a fairytale village, but you can also look out for unique creatures. In the sea, you can look for Chinese white dolphins, also known as pink dolphins, which are seriously threatened by airport and bridge development in the area. Observe the quaint village come to life and the villagers going about their day to day activities and get a taste of rural Hong Kong. While you’re at it, be sure to check out the delicious waffles here.

3. Wake-Boarding And Swimming In Sha Kiu Tau

For lovers of water sports, Sha Kiu Tau is a full package. Enjoy the day in the white sands and pristine waters and get a taste of everything Hong Kong has to offer. Those wanting to take wake-boarding lessons can try that in the protective canopy of lush green trees in any of the remote islands. Also, you can take a dip in the salty seawater or enjoy a sunbath.

 Take a junk from the central and reach there by early noon and enjoy the sun. Sha Kiu Tau is the perfect place for those seeing adventures away from prying eyes as it is sheltered and safe.

4. Ziplining in Tung Lung Chau

For those who seek the thrill of gliding across thirty meters above crashing waves- this is your perfect fit. The forty-meter wire takes only seconds, but the experience is one of a lifetime. Go back and forth between the two cliffs, and be sure to get over your fear of new. The adrenaline that comes with this nerve-racking descent is unbelievable. By the end, you’ll feel accomplished (and maybe a bit dizzy). This is the best adventure activity in Hong Kong. While this isn’t for the faint-hearted, if it’s in your bucket list, we say, take the plunge. You won’t regret it.

5. Rock Climbing in Cape Collinson

If you are looking for outdoor activities in Hong Kong, this is for you. The best part of this is inarguably the stunning view of the coastline. Featuring approximately 55 sport routes distributed over 3 sectors, importance is given to safe climbing processes. With multiple ways spread over an extensive area, you can choose to stay in both sun and shade.

 First, you need to take the MTR Island line to Chai Wan station. After that hop-in a taxi to the Cape Collinson Correctional Institution, here you can choose the route you want to climb. But be sure to select an area you’re comfortable with and wear a helmet. 

Hong Kong is a paradise for adventurers and travellers. Add it to your travel and adventure Wishlist on Woovly. Download the app now. 


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