Get On Your Feet! Have A Happy Time With These Easy Dances To Learn At Home

Get On Your Feet! Have A Happy Time With These Easy Dances To Learn At Home

As the days pass by in this lockdown and quarantine, we certainly are losing the zeal to do anything but sleep. Just like you, we are also wondering when all this would come to an end and we will have to days to move in and out freely. With the laziness and lethargy dawning upon us, it is time to hype ourselves up. Such is the way of dancing, each step that makes you get up and groove to the beats of the music. It may not be a club with your friends but you can certainly groove to your favourite songs of happiness. Moreover, they are a great way to keep active too! Before the lockdown opens and you reach the dance floors, we have some easy dances you can learn at home.

Easy And Smooth Dances To Learn And Impress

Probably it is not a great idea to familiarise yourself with classical steps or Latin grooves. But when at home, you need not worry about having to learn something. More than learning, dancing should be about what makes your body and soul free. Trending, fun and addictive, these dances will swipe you off your feet.

Freestyle Bollywood

Who doesn’t love a bit of “Sawa Sawa” or a little “Dhak dhak”? No matter what you say, Bollywood songs have their own way up getting you up to your feet and dancing. Furthermore, when it comes to Bollywood, you need not be proficient is a particular dance form. All you need is a kick start with a few desi steps and learn the hook steps of the classic songs. Remember to keep your attitude high and facial expressions at max. With the highest energy flow, you are in to learn some of the boldest and easiest dances when it comes to Bollywood freestyle.


When Miley Cyrus rocked her tour stage with her iconic butt movements, most of us were taken aback. But soon enough, everyone was twerking their bubbles in the clubs and even music videos. Who can forget Nicki Minaj’s Anaconda? Say whatever you want, we love watching people try it and the fruit of your hardworking squats come right out. If you were shy to do it in the public, home is the right place to hit up some videos and learn to twerk. Moreover, your booty and legs will get their desire to workout while you feel the sexiest version of yourself.

Fortnite Dance

If being weird was your thing then strangely, the hottest game in the world has given you the chance to shine. Every gamer and non-gamer is aware of the game, Fortnite. While some might know it for the game, we remember it for some of the viral dance steps it has given us. We call the steps, the happy steps. When Floss came out, it hit the internet and every Tik Toker was doing it. Further on, there are steps like the flapper dance, best mates and robot that you can perfect too.

High Heels Dance

No matter what the boys say, wearing high heels is a skill. Moreover, dancing with the high heels on is a task in itself. But Beyonce says you can do it then why can’t you? Single ladies or not, we have all got a boldness hidden. Moreover, this is the time to practise your high heels walk if you were not confident about that before. We just take it to the next level. This dance may not be an easy one but if you like it then you should put a ring on it.

If you want to take it a notch higher to challenge yourself, you can learn the basics of bachata as well. This Latin dance is the one sensual version to drive your partner crazy. Paired with high heels, it is unbeatable.

Old Town Road Routine

A countryside a rock then made everyone get their imaginary cowboy hats on, Old Town Road was a thrill to listen to. It continues to be till today! Well, you sure can’t take your horse through any roads now but you can still do the hip hop steps at home. Further on, you can add your own step to complete the song and shake your booty a little. Mix up twerks and careful leg steps, you get the grooviest of country dances.

Thriller Dance Routine

Every millennial has loved Michael Jackson for giving us this hit. Thriller is as much gold when it comes to music as to dance. The signature zombie steps are unforgettable and easy to do as well. So easy and iconic that it even featured in “13 going on 30”! The dance uses a mix of disco and funk along with the tone that evokes a feeling of horror. As theatrical as the song is, you are in for a treat while learning this classic.

Monica and Ross Dance Routine

Let’s admit it, Friends is that one sitcom we have binged a thousand times and when we talk about dance, we most certainly can’t skip out the famous routine. Monica Geller and Ross Geller gave us the ultimate dance for a non-dancer to have fun with. It might not have gotten them a spot in the TV show they were auditioning for, but it got our attention. A tribute to our beloved characters, this easy dance routine is the one to learn. Moreover, if you were looking for the same song to bop to then it is called “Loreta: The Trouble With Boys”. After all, they made silly look cool so why can’t you?

Macarena Dance Routine

Ay Macarena! The ultimatum of 90s Zumba was the Macarena song by a Mexican group named, Los Del Rio. This hip-hop dance move was a pop trend then and it is regaining its stature back thanks to tik-tok. Moreover, you cannot just miss out on the iconic hand movements even when in the clubs. The dance steps call you out for the free flow of the body. You just have to remember the smooth swish of the hips in the end! You can do this easy dance with the new remix with the addition of your own steps or go for the classic.

If you are still searching for more then we’d suggest logging on to Tik Tok. With so many everyday dance challenges you will be busy learning them all. We do not guarantee their easiness. However, as they say, anybody can dance1

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