6 Stunning Cycling Routes In India Should Be On Every Cyclist’s Bucket List

6 Stunning Cycling Routes In India Should Be On Every Cyclist’s Bucket List

Cycling is the most adventurous way to travel. Cycling through the destination at your own pace can bring you closer to the land and its people. It combines the leisure of traveling, beauty of sightseeing, and benefits of physical exercise. Cycling in India has evolved a lot from just a mere transport into a full-fledged competitive and recreational sport. In recent years, the popularity of the activity in our country has increased a lot, giving way to some amazing cycling routes in India. 

A cycling trip in India serves as a fantastic way to explore new routes across various parts of our country. So, if you are a cycling enthusiast and want to make the most of it, then such excursions should be in your Bucket List.

These Places Should Be in Every Cyclist’s Bucket List

India is the most popular destination for travel lovers across the world. People from various countries visit every year to spend some quality time amidst the beauty of nature. It hardly matters whether you like mesmerising mountains or lovely landscapes or serene seas, India is so diverse that there is something for everyone. These are some stunning cycling routes in India routes that have been popular among cyclists. 

1. Munnar to Anamalai 

cycling trips in india

This route traces the best of Tamil Nadu and Kerala Cycling route. It shows the wondrous landscape of tea estates of South India. You will be able to ride through hill stations, sandalwood forests, and beautiful landscapes. You might be the lucky on to spot some wild animals while passing through the Chinnar and Mannavan Chola National Parks.

Best time to visit: October to February

Distance: 89 km

2. Somnath to Diu

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Though not popular, this route gives us the best view of the Sea that runs smoothly engulfed by coconut trees. While cycling by the coconut farms, you can observe the unusual palm trees called the Hokka trees. Your journey from Somnath to Diu will let you experience the blend of heritage and culture. You will enjoy a carefree trip with the wind in your face and the sea accompanying you all along your journey.

Best time to visit: September to March

Distance: 90 km

3. Manali to Leh

Cycling Routes In India

If you have a passion for cycling, then this route is your dream route. The journey starts from lush green grasslands of Manali, followed by the semi-desert of Lahaul and finally reaching the Tibetan Valley of Leh. It is an expert only route considering the thin air, hairpin bends, relentless climbs, harsh weather, and unpredictable terrain. You will ride through four high mountain passes, including the famous Rohtang and Tanglang La passes.

Best time to visit: June to October

Distance: 474 km

4. Gangtok to Nathu La

Cycling Routes In India

Probably the most beautiful trail on this wish list, the Gangtok to Nathu La is close to the Indo-Chinese border and is often used by the army. Hence, you need to get a permit before you go for this journey. This route begins at Aritar goes through the millennia-old silk route to Nathula Pass and ends at Gangtok. If you overlook the obstacles of higher altitude of over 14,000ft, rough road condition, unwavering cold weather, you will experience an unforgettable view. One that is sure to leave you speechless. 

Best time to visit: May to October

Distance: 160 km

5. Udaipur to Jodhpur

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We have covered trails through India’s evergreen landscapes and mountain passes, how about a journey through the sand dunes now? Cycling the route from Udaipur, the City of Lakes to Jodhpur, where enigmatic forts reign provides you an experience of India’s royal heritage. Here you will discover the palatial forts and mountain foothills that were once the playgrounds for the Maharajas. You can pedal through remote villages, unexplored terrains, and enjoy spotting some of the exotic wildlife species. This leisurely road journey through the Thar Desert and to the palaces and forts in the state will enchant you with its offerings of richness. 

Best time to visit: November to February

Distance: 200 km

6. Chennai to Rameshwaram

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It is now time for a ride from Sand to Sea. The East coast road from Chennai to Southern Tip of Tamil Nadu is the perfect route for a cycle trip. If you are impressed with Shahrukh Khan’s journey to Rameshwaram after seeing the movie “Chennai Express,” I must say, the actual ride will be more enchanting. The road is undulating and pleasant to ride on. However, you should avoid this route during Monsoon.

Best time to visit: October to April 

Distance: 557 km

So, get your gear ready and paddle up to the best cycling routes in India. Add them all to your bucket list ideas and check them off one by one as you explore India on two wheels. Bicycling in India is more than just fun. Add these cycling routes in India to your bucket list by downloading the Woovly app now!


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