Get Better Everyday With Our 365-Day Project Ideas For Daily Bucket List

Get Better Everyday With Our 365-Day Project Ideas For Daily Bucket List

The new year is just around the corner, and we all must have prepared a list of resolutions we’re determined to keep 365 days of the year. Although, some times these resolutions seem too much to keep up with and you see yourself hardly motivated to carry it forward towards the end of the year. How about we start seeing our resolution as a 365-Day Project ideas for your daily bucket list.

Daily Bucket List With 365-Day Project Ideas

Well, we decided to make it interesting for you and introduce the idea of a 365-day project. This listicle includes activities that you can every day. These activities will constantly remind you of what you really want to achieve by the end of this new year. So without wasting any more time, read the exciting list and pick the activity which you’re gonna do for you 365-day project.

Take A Selfie As Your First Step Towards 365-Day Project

Well, you must have been familiar with the 365-day photography project. But this time we decided to give it a little twist and make it more about the person who will be picking this project. Take a selfie every day and document it in your personal selfie gallery. Your emotions in the photo – Happy, Sad, Crying, Annoyed, Frenzied and others – by the end of the year will become a self created memoir. What could be more interesting to have than a memoir of selfies representing all your moments in a year?

Learn a New Word

We know how much you’ve been looking forward to growing and thriving in this upcoming new year. We suggest, start with learning something new. Learning a new word will not only improve your vocabulary but also increase your ability to absorb new things and use them in the right way at the right time. Get yourself a daily journal and jot down the new word with its meaning. Get little extra creative with this 365-day project and go for learning new words in different languages. As you go further with this project, make sure that you cultivate the habit of revising the learnt words. And who knows you can be a musical prodigy by the end of the year.

Read An Empowering Quote

Often we find ourselves backed down in the events of life. You must be there for yourself to support you all the way through. Give yourself a soothing dose of an empowering quote every day. Reading something empowering will not just motivate you but also prepare to keep your mind to be in a healthy space. These quotes can be real game-changers because the words have the ability to change your mood and uplift your spirit. So don’t turn towards some empowering quotes only when you find yourself in the dire straits. Instead, feed your mind a piece of these quotes every day and repel the negativity from your life.

Go Out For A Walk

Coronary heart disease, blood pressure, sugar levels, maintaining body weight and the risk of obesity are not the only reasons why you should take up this 365-day project. Going out for a walk every day will be like letting yourself free and giving yourself the time you need to revive. Getting out and spending time alone is an activity where you can discover new things about yourself. So get out and observe life around you. Give yourself the time you need to soak into the atmosphere and let it all sick within yourself. Once you start giving yourself this break of going out for a walk daily, you will soon notice yourself having a good time.

Watch Funny Videos On YouTube

Laughing is the best medicine, and we want you to be extremely punctual in taking it every day. Honest suggestion, there is nothing more beautiful than a happy and sound mind. With your every hectic day schedule, it is important that you do give yourself a dose of laughter that will make you have an enormous belly laugh. So, subscribe to all your favourite comedy channels on YouTube and laugh away all the stress.

Listen To A Podcast

If you are chasing growth this year then listening to a podcast daily will seriously help you in accomplishing it. Listening to a podcast is like optimising your time for personal growth. Investing time in a podcast not only will optimise your time for personal growth by introducing you to inspiring, informing and educating content. It also provides with the direction in certain areas of your hobbies and interests. Podcasts let you focus on something different than you usually do every day in an entertaining way. When learning is made fun like listening to podcasts, then it soon becomes a happy place.

Play Online Games

Give yourself an amusing break every day and play online games. Few online games can enhance our problem-solving ability and critical thinking. It also improves cognitive intelligence and thinking flexibility that are some major skills you can master by the end of the year. If you’ve been looking for a 365-day project that is also a fun-packed activity, then what could be better than this one! Try your hands on online games like Braingle, Crosswords, Happy Neuron and Lumosity.

Spend 30 Minutes on Pinterest Daily

This 365-day project is something you’re gonna love doing. Who doesn’t like spending time using useful applications? We all spend most of our time in a day on our cellphones, so it’s not wrong to say that it has become our best buddy. The perfect way to hang out with your best buddy would be to surf on an application like Pinterest, where you have creative ideas sprawling all over. Pinterest is an incredible web platform to save and discover new ideas. So cater some exceptional ideas to your brain every day by picking this 365-day project.

Indulge in Cute Animal Videos

We all want to be brimming with cuteness every day and what could be better than indulging in cute animal videos. This 365-day project will not only make you happy but also work as stress-buster. When you sync in watching something that brings joy to your heart, then you tend to forget about all your worries and soothe your mind. Cute animal video can be really addictive, so make sure that you are letting yourself indulge in this activity only for some time a day.

Hug Someone

Well, you don’t really need a whole new year to pick this activity as your 365-day project. You can start it today! When was the last time you hugged someone? The answer doesn’t matter. What matters is the when we hug someone, our brain releases oxytocin which is also called “the cuddle hormone,” that makes us feel supported. Psychologists say that oxytocin drives the feeling of trust and bonding that can also help you fight feelings of anxiety and loneliness. In case you were looking for a 365-day project that will help you bond with people and grow stronger in your relationship; this right here should be your pick!

Compliment A Stranger

If being happier is your goal for the upcoming year, then this 365-day project and you are going to make best friends. Compliments are just as nice to give as they are to receive. People give compliments because they are true and kind in gesture. So go ahead and be kind, give compliments to a stranger and make their day. This will not only cheer them up but also make you feel happier every day to see their humble reaction to your kind compliment.

Eat Healthy Meals

365-day project

How have you decided to focus on your health this upcoming new year? No matter which activity you pick as your 365-day project but eating healthy must be one of your top priorities. Your health is going to be your only pal to help you do all the above activities and accomplish your goals. When good nutritious food is provided to the body, it becomes a powerhouse. When the habit of eating healthy takes place regularly in your daily itinerary, then your body is secured from several chronic diseases. So choose healthy eating habits that promote your overall health and keep you fit for come what may.

Here you have some interesting 365-day project ideas to choose from and set amusing yearly goals for yourself. These ideas are so easy to carry out daily and you can always enrol yourself for more than one and thrive towards accomplishing your 365-day goals. Let us know which idea are you going to choose as your 365-day project in 2020.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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