20 Camping Tent Ideas & Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

20 Camping Tent Ideas & Hacks That Will Make Your Life Easier

We all love to spend time amid nature and what can be a better way of doing that than camping. Although rejuvenating, Camping is often plagued with a bunch of pre-requisites that if not done right could compromise the entire experience. Knowing how much planning a good camping trip requires, here are some fantastic camping tent ideas that are going to make your camping experience more loved and fun-filled.

20 Camping Tent Ideas & Hacks For Your Camping Trip in 2020

Below we list down 20 amazing camping trip ideas and hacks that could prove to be beneficial for your next camping trip with friends and family. Bookmark these camping ideas right away so that you’ll have your list handy when you plan the camping trip.

1. Select the Perfect Campsite

When on the campsite you need to select your tent ground carefully. Select a spot under the shadow of trees. In that way, you will get a protective shelter from the sun and partially from rain. Avoid setting your tent in the downwind to block campfire smoke smell.

2. Research Before You Finalise A Campsite

Researching beforehand always helps. Whether you like the atmosphere of the campground or not decides whether it will be fun day out. Also, look for online reviews if the campsite is popular. Reviews will give you the deets that are otherwise hard to find just by looking at the pictures.

3. Food Prep Hacks

It is essential to prepare for your meals beforehand if you are planning to have anything other than packaged food. You don’t want your camping time to be messy. Get meal preps such as peeling, cutting, and chopping, done beforehand in the comfortable environment of your kitchen and freeze them inside the zip-lock bags. They are easier to carry, save your camping time, and help maintain hygiene too.

4. Minimise Cooking Ingredients

Plan for your camping menu so that you need to carry fewer ingredients. You can plan for dishes that require similar kind of ingredients and are simple to cook.

5. Making Coffee in a Little Less Sloppy Way

Even when camping, coffee is the beverage of choice of many. Try making small pouches of coffee with the help of coffee filter and dental floss. It correctly serves as little teabags, and you can enjoy your outdoor coffee sessions like a pro.

6. Makeshift Music Speaker

What is life without music! However, in a camping place, the setup can be a little tricky. But with a ceramic mug and your phone or iPad, you can create a happening musical environment without prominent speakers.

7. Sage Doubles As a Mosquito Repellent

Dried sage is a natural mosquito repellent and an essential thing to carry for camping. You can throw small portions of it to the campfire to keep mosquito and other insects away. If you are barbecuing, then throw some of it on the charcoal to keep flies away from the food.

8. Carry Glow Sticks With You

Glow sticks are awesome camping hacks if your kids or pets are in the trip. Wrap them around your kids’ wrists or attach them on your pets’ collar. In this way, you will be able to keep track of their positions when it gets dark. You can also attach them to any other substance like trees or tent pegs, to help you out in the dark.

9. Tarpaulins Are of Great Use

Tarps or tarpaulins can prove to be one of the critical camping tent ideas if it rains, and you no longer want to be confined to your tents. The tarp shelter is beneficial for the cooking area. Irrespective of how hard it rains, you can still enjoy the fire and food under tarp shelter.

10. Carry Easy Fire Starters

This is important because there is no camping without fire. It always comes handy if you are carrying different types of fire starters for different scenarios like raining. Cotton balls smeared by petroleum jelly and toilet paper rolls with dryer lint are good to go.

11. Use Foam Floor Mats Inside The Tents

If you are with family, this is one of the best tent hacks. You can use floor tiles made of foam to cover the ground inside the tent to make it more comfortable for your family.

12. Makeshift Lanterns Come Handy

All you need is a gallon jug and a headlight. While camping, you will be intuitively feeling the need for a torch. Take a gallon jug filled with water and tie the headlight around it. You will have a glowing water jug that will provide better lighting.

13. Make Cleaning Easier

Keeping clutter to minimum is one of the excellent camping tent ideas. The more organized you are, the lesser you need to work. Keep a separate storage bin for your daily usage utensils so that you can wash them away at one go. Get an old rug in front of your tent to keep the shoes; that way, your tent will be cleaner.

14. Divide the Load When Camping in Groups

If you are camping with other families or friends, then discuss and distribute a list in advance with mentions like things to carry, things to avoid, and schedule. It will reduce the repetitive elements, and individual load is lessened.

15. Pack Your Backpack Like a Pro

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Packing in an ordered format is necessary to avoid clutter. It also saves up time and your clothes are protected from staining by packaged food. Mark separate sections for separate items and put your things according to that to avoid chaos.

16. Keeping Clothes Warm

Trekking Essentials For Women

When Winter camping put your next day’s clothes inside your sleeping bag to keep them warm. You won’t want frozen clothes to wear anyway.

17. Save Up Your Soap

Instead of carrying a soap bar, make thin slices of lit using a vegetable peeler and bring them out one at a time. This way, the risk of losing your whole bar of soap minimises.

18. DIY Toilet Paper Holder

Using tin cans as a toilet paper holder can come handy and also creates protection on it. You don’t have to worry about getting it wet. Charcoal in an egg carton – put some charcoals in an egg carton and light up the package. Voila! You have lighted your portable charcoal grill.

19. Carry Foils

Foils are great if you want an alternative for utensils. You can cook anything in them – Potatoes, fruits, sausages you can put anything in them and cook.

20. Emergency Money

Money losing incidents could occur even when you’re camping, which is why it is advised to keep some emergency money in plain sight places like at the back of your smartphone cover or inside one of the zip-pouches between other cooking ingredients.

Well, those were some essential camping tips and camping hacks that you can bring to use on your next camping trip. Not planning a trip anytime soon? then why don’t you add Camping to your Wishlist on Woovly and invite your friends to decide the date. Download the Woovly app now and get cracking on your next Camping trip.

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