10 Amazing Travel Songs To Pump Your Adventure Playlist

10 Amazing Travel Songs To Pump Your Adventure Playlist

For those who seek adventure are always ready to take chances in life, and music is like their refuge. It is their inspiration to get out and explore something new. Well, any adventurous experience for travellers without a fire adventure playlist will not give them the insight of encountering a thrilling experience. Traveling experiences deserve epic background music to seize the hysterical moments on your journey. We have prepared a list of 10 amazing travel songs that you shouldn’t miss to put on your playlist before you head for an exciting adventure. 

10 Amazing Travel Songs To Pump Your Adventure Playlist

Like we said in the beginning, adventure playlist needs to be on point to get the best moments on your journey. Adventure playlist mainly consists of travel songs too, which act as inspiring bits to achieve something that has been on your mind for quite some time. Now, without much ado, let’s get you straight to the point.

Welcome to the Jungle

Starting with a song picked from an iconic rock band from the 80s. The song “Welcome to the Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses is the perfect travel song you should embark on your adventure with. The stunning vocals of Axl Rose and the guitar riffs by Slash will give the adrenaline rush, which is all you need to keep your enthu alive. This song is a must-add to your adventure playlist & also travel playlist to keep you up while driving. 

Highway To Hell

Another rock band from the 70s, AC/DC, is popular for producing heavy metal songs with high energy. The song “Highway to Hell” is known to be the band’s rock anthem. Beats so sick, you can’t resist headbanging to.

Adventure of a lifetime

Coldplay, an English rock band, is worldwide famous for producing empathetic songs that everybody can connect to. A song like “Adventure of the lifetime” will take you to a beautiful realm of melodies where you’ll feel connected to every moment you experience on your journey. Imagine going for the adventure in your car with this song playing in the background. Another travel song that pumps up your adventure drive. 

Around The World

A French electronic duo, Daft Punk’s track “Around The World” has such amusing pop music beats that will make you grove and bop to it!


An 80s American rock band, Red Hot Chili Peppers popular for adding funk to rock, has blessed us with the timeless track “Californication.” A track which will take you to the edge of your adventure and make you dream of your next roving vacation. 

Rock and Roll

Led Zeppelin from the late 60s, an English rock band which is popular for its wild and groovy songs. Their track “Rock and roll” is a perfect jam for the times when you feel your energy in your expedition is going down. Turn up your jukebox and get into the rock and roll mode.


We all have that one exhilarating moment on our adventure when we want the background music to be just right. The track “sober” by the American rock band, Tool will serve your purpose with justice. A song with such intense guitar riffs and savage beats that will transcend you to a different psychedelic realm of music. 

Learning To Fly

An optimistic track for every traveler by a classic band from the 60s, Pink Floyd, is pronounced as the greatest rock band ever to grace the face of the planet. The song “Learning to fly” will be so relatable that it will only motivate you to carry on with your journey with an irresistible grasp.

Some Nights

Produced by the American rock & pop band, Fun, that will translate mesmerizing moments through music on your journey. The track “Some Nights” will be just as fun as the name of the band sounds.


Our selection of this last song for your adventure playlist is a unique and soothing one. As you plan to go on a few more exciting ventures, the song “Imagine” by legendary singer and peace activist John Lennon will only give you more reasons why you should keep doing what you imagine to do as a dreamer. 

Well, these were some great songs for your adventure playlist. And like we said earlier, you can use in your road trips as travel songs.

Wish It. Do It. Woovly!

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