10 Fun Things To Do At A House Party To Get You Out Of The Rut

10 Fun Things To Do At A House Party To Get You Out Of The Rut

As far as the typical idea of a house party goes, it’s more focused on drinking and chilling with your friend. Just drinking and run off at the mouth can sometimes turn an adult house party into a boring night, and soon you will see the flock walking out from your nest. Thinking about how you can host a house party that everyone wishes to be invited to? Well, if you’re thinking to throw a theme party, yeah, it can work, but the idea is too worked up and your friends might not wanna attend your party. We have prepared an ultimate guide to throw an awesome house party, which will give a break to your go-to-bar idea. These things to do at a house party list will get it going with interesting activities guaranteeing maximum participation. 

Arrange The Ambiance 

The more fascinating your place will look, the more chances friends would wanna stay and wait for the party to hype. Show off your imaginations and use those DIY ideas you have been saving for your house party. You know how important bathrooms are in a house party as they are going to be in roll the whole night; don’t forget to put directions for that one place in your house everyone will be looking for. Take some furniture out and create some room for people to move around. You’re gonna need it for the next idea!

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Have a dance-off

You thought having a fire a playlist will keep the party going? Well, in a way, yeah! But you’re looking for fun ideas so, set up a dance-off with your fire playlist and let everyone show their moves. You can make it more entertaining and enjoyable by surprising your friends with a themed dance-off planned. For example, if you have a playlist of 80s tracks, then you will have your friends gliding and moonwalking in the dance-off. 

Set Up A Karaoke 

It’s obvious to have a mini DIY bar in a house party. All your friends will head to this drinking station and return where? The answer to that question is Karaoke Machine. Set up a karaoke machine at your place to add the groove that every party needs.

#Quick tip: Kickstart the karaoke act with the Beatles, and soon you will see everyone bopping. 

Set Up A Theatre 

Let’s break the tradition! A house party can also be more than drinking, singing and dancing. Set up a projection screen in your backyard and play one of most suggested movies. Your friends will feel blessed to attend your house party if you can also arrange popcorns too. 

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Ask your friends to prepare their signature dishes and bring over to your place. One good thing about this idea will be that you will have plenty of food to savour. A potluck idea is a bliss when you have a lot on your plate to arrange for your house party. Don’t forget to get a list of dishes from your friends in advance. In case you run out of supplies, you can fill the gaps quickly. 

Play Games

Board games are a lifesaver for a small group of friends. If you have a group of friends flooding at your place, then we suggest you go with a few crowd-pleaser games like beer pong, heads up, charades or never have I ever. 

Plan A Treasure Hunt 

There are several fun things to do at a house party and just playing games and doing karaoke whole is not it. To make a house party more exciting to be at, plan a treasure hunt for your guests. If there are expensive things at your place, then we advise you to lock them in a safe place. This way you can have fun without worrying about any damages that can be made by your friends. 

Arrange A Bonfire 

A house party doesn’t have to be running on loud music playlist where you also have the chances to be reported by your neighbours. Well, we understand that it will be a nightmare. So we suggest you to arrange a bonfire in your backyard and ask your friends to show up in pyjamas. Your friends can use this opportunity to snuggle up and get cosy in some never-ending conversations. 

Host a Book Swap

When you are inviting your friends to a house party, ask them to show up with books they would like to give away or exchange. Help your friends have an organised book swap at your house party. You never know your mutual friends might take this idea seriously and join a common book club together. 

Throw a Slumber House Party

This idea is only going to make your friends lucky! Who doesn’t like to be invited for a sleepover? Invite your close friends and tell them about your after-party plans. It’s evident in this case its a slumber party! If you couldn’t have fun with your besties in a huddling house party, then this idea will definitely make up to you. 

We hope you will give a try to all the things to do at a house party ideas that we presented above. Let us know if you’re going to execute them at your next house party!




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