10 Best Things to Do In Life Before Bidding Goodbye To The World

10 Best Things to Do In Life Before Bidding Goodbye To The World

Have you ever thought about what each birthday of yours tell you? It tells you that with each year, you’re actually moving towards death—a very pessimistic view, no doubt about it, but a truth maybe that’s why a bit harsh. On the brighter side, if you believe in this theory, then you won’t waste the precious time of your life by going to the office and saving a considerable amount in your bank. Well, that’s obviously is essential but not at the cost of your life. You can’t take your savings to your grave, and no one can give you a 100% surety that your future generation will use it judiciously. So, why not invest a few amounts on yourself to live a quality life so that when you are saying goodbye to your life, you should at least know how to make yourself happy. Considering all that is there to be done and achieved in a lifetime, we have prepared a list of 10 best things to do in life before saying goodbye.

Best Things To In Life Before You Die

Here are specific bucket list ideas for you. So, have a look at those things to do in life before saying the final goodbye so that there isn’t any scope of regret for you. For your conveniences, the ideas have categorized, so let’s have a look at it:

Travel & Explore These Places

Travelling is a stress-buster, and many will agree with this fact. However, often in our rat race, we ignore this fact as a result of which we miss the opportunity of exploring the most beautiful places on Earth. Places-that comes with its unique culture, delicacies, and religious festivals. If you want to find happiness in your life, then you must visit the following places:

Visit Brazil During the Rio de Janeiro Festival

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The Latin American country must be a paradise for football lovers. Still, if you aren’t one, then also you will love visiting it, after on where on Earth will get the chance to explore the Amazon forest. However, visiting the country during the Rio de Janeiro Carnival is something that should be one of your most important life goals.

It started during the ancient Greek and the Roman era. The European tradition of giving thanks by wearing masks and partying on the streets was brought into this New World. Obviously, it was done by the Greeks and the Romans. The most important and unique attraction of this festival is the Samba School Parade, which is held at the Sambadrome, space specially built for the event.

In this parade, four Samba schools compete against each other, and the audience witnesses it. The particular event is also regarded as the Carnival Parade.

Africa—Give a Treat to your Adventurous Self with the Safari

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The wild forests of Africa—the unknown, and the rarest species of animals. A world that you have only imagined, the thrill that may have given you goosebumps when you’ve read about it—everything you’re gonna experience in realty. This is one in a lifetime opportunity that you should never miss nature always find a way to call you, to attract you. An African Safari is something that you cannot miss, and you should never miss it.

Nepal—Explore the Heights with Parahawking

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Do you love heights? You have got the desire to fly with eagles and the vultures, then you should experience Parahawking once in your lifetime. So, if you’re preparing your travel list, then you should have Nepal in it. Not only because you can have the experience of witnessing the Mt. Everest once in a while, but also because you can experience excellent Parahawking there. In Parahawking, you have the trained but the free vultures as your guide when you paraglide in the air.

Outdoor Activities For Your Bucket List

If you are wondering about how to make yourself happy, then there are certain outdoor activities that you should experience once in your lifetime. Few of these outdoor activities are:

Horse Riding on the Beach

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Have you watched the latest ‘Frozen’ movie, where Elsa took a horse to the sea and set out for an adventure? Do you also desire to have a similar kind of experience? Then you should go to the beach horse riding. If you’re little adventurous by nature, then you can take the horse to the middle of the sea and feel the water splashed to your body. To take it one step further, try this during the winter.

Best Place to Experience Beach Horse Riding: Bradenton, Florida

Kite buggy

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Do you love to fly kites high above in the sky? What if this kite flying experience has a twist in it? You will fly a kite high above in the sky. However, this action of yours will take place on a three-wheeled cart, and that, too on a beach. On this beach, your cart-wheel can run at a speed of 50mph.

Sounds interesting? Well, it is not just exciting but at the same time exciting too, so what are you waiting for? Try it once before you die.

Best Place to Experience Kite buggy: East Sussex


things to do in life

If you’re in a mood to become a child again, then this is the best outdoor activity for you. Here you have an inflated airbag on the river, and you remain there on the other side of the airbag. Your friends are up there on a platform, and the moment they jump from the platform to the airbag, you fly high and then fall down into the water. Sounds, literary hilarious and childish, yes, but for the sake of childlike happiness, your life goals should have Blobbing in it.

Best Place to Experience Blobbing: North America

Aqua Zorbing

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Imagine you’re inside a big balloon with almost thirty liters of water in it, and the balloon has been rolled on the ground? Now how do you feel? Tipsy, as if you’re inside a vast washing machine? Where you’re going up and down with the flow of water? Well, it isn’t like that. In fact, instead, you have a soothing kind of experience. You will love to experience this at least once in your life and that too with your family, else you won’t feel the fun of it.

Best Place to Experience Aqua Zorbing: London, Manchester South, and Oxford West.

Entertaining and Sporty Activities For Bucket List

Some sports events, parties, and balls always have a different kind of attraction that other things lack. Here is the list of few sports events and other entertaining programs that you should have at least one-time experience.

Murder Mystery themed Dinner Parties

Things to do in life

If you love reading detective novels and have a secret desire to be a sleuth at least once in your life, then you must attend these dinner parties. In these parties, the guests are often given the task of finding the murderer in the party. At times, the guests, too, play the role of the murderer and the victim.

Witnessing the All Black Game

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Wondering what it is? Well, the New Zealand rugby team is known as the ‘All Blacks.’ They have maintained their first position since the introduction of the IRB world ranking and is also the national sport of the country.

Watch Olympics Live

things to do in life

The most prestigious and the gala event of sports, which not just attracts sports enthusiasts but everyone around the world, should be witnessed at least once, in the whole. It must be there in your things to do in life, list. Download the Woovly app now and start listing your own bucket list ideas that you want to fulfill in this life.

Wish it. Do it. Woovly!

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