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How Balasenthil Became an Entrepreneur for a Bucket List

Balasenthil Kumar
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Balasenthil Kumar
Become An Entrepreneur
As an MBA student, Balasenthil always wanted to become an entrepreneur. After completing his MBA in 2013, he tried hard for the right job but couldn’t get it. He was jobless and was searching for an opportunity to prove himself as no one was ready to give him the right opportunity to prove his talents. He started preparing for bank exams.

Balasenthil got an opportunity to do freelancing as an Aptitude trainer and after clearing several Bank exams he got placed. But he was not interested in the job as his dream was to be an entrepreneur in his own town. So, he started concentrating more on Training and Aptitude Development.
Starting Ze Bancario
Once he started getting positive feedback from students it inspired him to train more people for Bank and other exams. He quit his bank job and started working on his dream bucket list. He faced a lot of challenges and people criticized him for quitting a bank job.

Once he started his Ze Bancairo, people became interested in attending his classes, and it boosted his confidence level. And, the students have produced good results so far. He is still working hard to produce more great results for students. Ze Bancairo earns a great name in training up students in a better way of modern learning methods. He has trained more than 1000 students in the span of 3 years and most of my students cleared exams and are placed in Banks.
He had gone through tough times in accomplishing his goal. Balasenthil is confident that he was cornered to take classes because he is far better than other experienced trainers. So, he got only fewer classes everywhere. He was highly criticized for rejecting the bank job. His Parents were the only support for him to start his own Banking school.

When he was jobless, he was doing workouts at the gym and it helped him to gain more confidence and positive thinking. That gave him the confidence to take bold decisions and risks to start his school. It was that strong desire that forced him to start Ze Bancairo and he wanted to be successful in front of the people who criticized him.  
The Impact of Ze Bancario
The impact of Ze Bancairo was that it earned him a name as an entrepreneur. He accomplished his dream of starting his own institute in Coimbatore, a business city. Not only Ze Bancairo create a great impact on students but also make them mentally and emotionally strong enough to face the world
Never wait for an opportunity, create your own and keep moving forward towards the success. When odds are against you, bounce back.
His next bucket list is to own a Gym apart from the Banking school

Balasenthil Kumar is an MBA graduate from Coimbatore. His bucket list was to become an entrepreneur. In order to accomplish it, he quit his bank job and started a Bank Exam Coaching school.
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Balasenthil Kumar
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